affordable highlighters for women of colour

    affordable highlighters for women of colour

    It’s no secret that I love highlighting, it’s my most favourite part of makeup application. I own several highlighters, more than I need tbh but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. My collection has a mix of high and low end as well as locally available and international highlighters, in this post though I want to go through my collection of affordable highlighters for women of colour and all of these are available locally. Read more…


    5 absolute must have in-flight essentials

    in-flight essentials

    I have been travelling quite a bit recently and thus have spent sooo many long hours in planes. Being comfortable while on a plane will make your travel so much better, trust me on that one. You want to arrive healthy, happy and refreshed at your destination. There are a few items which are absolute essentials on a long-haul flight, these are my ride or dies or fly or dies, hehehe. So the next time you’re on a long-haul flight, make sure you have these items and your journey will be set. I’m writing this post on board a flight from Johannesburg to Entebbe in Uganda, I have all my in-flight essentials and I am enjoying the journey. Read more…


    to my daughter on her 1st birthday

    This past year has been such a rollecoaster and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Your laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world and I want to hear it all day every day.

    When I come back from work, the first thing I need to do is take off my makeup and my wig so that you can explore (read scratch, eat, slap) my face and bite on my hair with no abandon.

    I love how your face lights up when you see me in the morning and when I come back from work. Seeing you so happy to see melts my heart. Read more…


    taking stock 011

    flower arrangement

    My first taking stock post of 2018 🙂 – this is a series of posts where I touch base with what is currently going on in my life, well the highlights. You can read up on the the past instalments of the series here. This round of this series is about motherhood, a new home, my big chop and what I am currently listening to. Enjoy! Read more…


    my second big chop

    second big chop

    My first big chop was very dramatic, I planned it for months beforehand and everything was orchestrated and coordinated. My second big chop on the other hand was very last moment and a quick decision. My hair has been going through a lot since I had my daughter, I wrote about my postpartum shedding here and a filmed a video for my Youtube channel. I became tired of the stated of my hair and just went ahead and chopped it all off, the last time I had hair this short I was in varsity. Read more…


    which is South Africa’s most romantic city?

    South Africa's most romantic city

    The month of love may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean that you should stop spoiling that special person in your life. This is especially for all the people who are on the I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, you should spoil your partner on every day of the year boat. In this post I am going to share a few of the romantic places in each of South Africa’s biggest cities: Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Don’t worry if you are a Durbanite and you find the places in Johannesburg more romantic, you can always book return flights to Johannesburg as well as Cape Town on Travelstart. Read more…