tips & tricks to bring your natural 4c hair back to health after neglecting it

    flowers in natural 4c hair

    There are many ‘rules’ in the natural hair community aimed to help achieve and maintain healthy hair, but sometimes life gets in the way and all those rules fly out the window. You end up stuck with shrunken, dry and not very nice looking hair. I found myself in the same boat over the December holidays, my hair was a mess! I did not moisturise for days on end – don’t even get me started on deep conditioning. Add the fact that I was at my in-laws and had to have a doek on at all times, so my hair was conveniently forgotten. However, after I got my act together, I was determined to get my hair back into it’s health and here is what I did to revive my hair. Read more…


    life update // a family of 3

    Watermelon pregnancy t-shirt

    I don’t even know where to begin writing this post, I’ve had so many drafts that I have written and re-written and none of them seem ‘perfect’. My husband and I are expecting our first child 🙂 – I have been cooking this little one inside of me since last year. Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for me at all – I really didn’t know what to expect, but being sick all the time and not really feeling like myself was not what I expected, but it’s what I got. I have great respect for people who go through this multiple times; but maybe they are the lucky ones who have easy pregnancies. Even with all the downsides and bad symptoms I have experienced, I am very excited for this new adventure in our lives. Read more…


    2017 decor update

    2017 decor update

    My house is in desperate need of a decor update! I’m not sure what happened to me, but 2016 saw me in a rut when it came to buying things for my house and thus I have been stuck with the same furniture and decor for over a year now *bleh*. I am determined this year to make the change and start updating the decor and make my home more stylish and inviting. Read more…


    happy 2017

    Durban beach 2017

    Happy New Year boos! I hope 2017 is everything and more for you and that all your dreams come true.

    After taking a break over the festive season, I feel ready and rested to tackle the blog for another year and bring you great content as per usual. Over the holidays, I enjoyed lots of hours of not doing anything – it was quite nice not to be on any schedule. I took the most delicious afternoon naps and ate everything that my heart desired!

    Thank you again for the support for my blog in 2016, it really means a lot! Here’s to growing my blog to greater heights in 2017!

    Love, Lungi



    blog break 2016

    Hey boos, it’s about that time of the year! After blogging for a full year straight – I can officially say, I am tiredt! Thus I will be taking a blogging break from now till mid January 2017. I will take this time out to relax, be with family and just have as many lie ins as I can manage. I’ll be spending most of my break in Durban, with a few stints in my hometown. I am actually looking forward to spending the festive season in Durban.

    For my break, there will be no new posts on my blog and no videos on my Youtube channel. However, you can catch up on the 100+ posts that I have published on the blog and the 50+ videos uploaded to my YouTube channel in 2016.

    I hope you all have a great festive season, thank you for all the support and I will see you again in the new year!

    Love, Lungi


    1 year of natural hair: thoughts & lessons

    1 year after big chop 4c natural african hair

    I have been rocking my hair in its natural state for just over a year now  after going through a 7 month transition and I have been enjoying it! There has been a joy and satisfaction that has come from taking care of my natural hair the right way for the first time in my life and watching it grow and do things that I never thought it could do. As my hair has grown, I have been able to experiment with styling, get creative with it and learn some protective styling skills. Read more…