2018 valentine’s day lust list

    Valentine's 2018 lust list

    My Valentine’s Day 2018 lust list is a bit late but rather late than never. I love making these lists because I get to browse all the online shops for items that I’d like to have in my life and hopefully these can inspire you if you are looking for a gift for that special someone in your life or if you just want to spoil yourself with something nice. This year’s lust list includes some home and beauty items and is a reflection of the things that I am currently loving. Read more…


    5 must know tips on africa travel

    africa travel

    If you’ve follow me on any of my social media you will know that I have been doing a lot of travelling to African countries since October 2017. All of these travels were work related, however I have been a long time Africa traveller since my first trip out of the country to Malawi in 2007. As a South African I will tell you that travelling to other African countries is not for sissies – it can be tough but it is so totally worth it. I love being in other African countries and getting to see how other people live. If you want to know about other places that I have travelled to, I have a video where I go through my passports and chat briefly about all the places that I have been. But for now I’ll give you some of my first hand experience and tips on travelling to other African countries like a pro. Read more…


    my foundation collection

    Foundation for women of colour South Africa

    Foundation is the ultimate base for a flawless makeup look. I’ve used countless foundations since I started wearing makeup in 2014 but I’m at a point where I’ve found the best ones for my foundation collection which I love and wear regularly. I made a decision in 2017 that I’m going to stop buying foundation from the lower end of the price spectrum and rather save up to buy high end foundations. If you want to know the reason for this decision you can watch this video where I go into a bit of depth about my reasoning. Read more…


    new in // the ordinary lactic acid

    The Ordinary

    If you have not heard about this brand of skincare that has hit the beauty world by storm then you must be living under a rock somewhere 😀. The Ordinary has been all the rage lately because of providing quality skincare products at affordable prices. I wanted to buy a chemical exfoliant for my face and decided to get one from this brand in order to try them out. I wasn’t quite sure which type of chemical exfoliant to get so I read up on Clare’s blog and asked her on Twitter and that’s how I came to buying lactic acid from The Ordinary.  Read more…


    homemade ice tea recipe

    Homemade Ice tea recipe

    I remember when my firiends and I got introduced to ice tea back in the day, I took one sip and I did not like it all and I have managed to stay very far away from it since. However, in the recent years I have been intrigued by being able to make my own ice tea and flavour/sweeten it the way that fits my tastebuds. I of course went down the rabbit hole that is the internet to find the general ice tea recipe and tweaked it to use the ingredients I have in my kitchen cupboards. My most favourite thing about making my own ice tea is experimenting with different teas and fruits to come up with a delicious drink that the whole family can enjoy. Read more…


    travel // zambia

    Lusaka Zambia

    I’ve just returned from my first out of country trip for 2018, this time around I went to Zambia. I spent a few days in the Central Province and another couple of days in the capital city Lusaka. This was not my first time in the country, I visited Lusaka in 2009 and Livingstone in 2012. The one thing I noticed this time around about Zambia is how a lot of things look familiar, there are quite a number of SA shops in the country. The fact that I go to these countries for work makes it difficult for me to capture a lot of footage, but I did manage to get some photos from my trip.  Read more…