photos // umembeso (traditional wedding)

    umembeso 2016

    My boo and I had our umembeso on the 26th of November 2016, after months of planning, stress and overall being tired – the day finally arrived. Umembeso is one of the functions that need to happen in the process of getting married as a Zulu person, it usually happens after the lobolo has been paid and it involves the groom bringing gifts to the bride’s family. I feel weird calling it a traditional wedding – sigh! But the English language has its shortcomings and some concepts can’t be fully expressed.   Read more…


    hair update // november 2016

    hair update november 2016

    I was very excited for November to come along because, the end of November marks my 1 year anniversary rocking my natural hair! My hair has definitely grown since I big chopped, but I still feel like I am not at the length that I want to be. One of the downsides of big chopping earlier in your transition is that you have to work at retaining length. I feel that people who do long transitions retain more natural hair length because most of the damage occurs at the line of demarcation. Anyhoo, both methods of going natural have their pros and cons – no one way is perfect.  Read more…




    Today is my 31st birthday *throws confetti*! I am one of those people who are not scared of growing older – in fact I embrace it; it was not always like this though. For the first time in a long time I do not have plans for today after the hectic month and past weekend that I’ve had, in fact this year – my birthday was the last thing on my mind in November. However, I am grateful for all the years that I have been blessed with in this life. 31 is a weird age because it’s not as wow as 30 – it’s just there, confirming that I am well into my thirties.


    Springtime beauty favourites

    Springtime beauty favourites

    Now that we are leaving spring and getting into summer, I wanted to share with you my springtime beauty favourites – these are the beauty products that I have been loving the past months. These are the products that I have consistently using every time I do my makeup and those that are now entrenched in my skin routine. It will be interesting to see how the products change as we get into summer and my needs change. I am thinking of making this a feature on my blog where 4 times a year, I list the products that I have been using the past season.  Read more…


    Essence Festival Durban 2016

    Essence Festival Durban

    It has been a long time coming and it finally arrived, the Essence Festival in Durban! I was very excited to hear that this popular US festival was making its way to our shores. You see, Durban and New Orleans are sister cities – I am guessing that is why the festival made its way to the east coast of South Africa. I attended the festival on Friday 11 November – I was unfortunately out of town for the weekend. Next year, I will make sure to be in town for the duration of the festival.  Read more…


    new in // skin by norma – five oils body series

    skin by norma five oils body series

    Earlier on last week I received products from the Skin by Norma Five Oils Body Series range. I was immediately intrigued by this locally (as local as Durban) made body care range. I have been using the range exclusively since I received it, thus it is still too early to do a review. However, in this post I want to introduce the range so that you guys will know all about it when I review it in a few weeks time. Read more…