Lungi’s lust list 002

Lungi’s lust list 002

I am back with my second lust list of items. From my first one, I have managed to buy 2 items – the rest are still a work in progress. Even though I haven’t ticked everything off the list, it doesn’t stop me from making a new one! The items I am coveting this time around cover kitchen, clothes, makeup and electronics… I want it all!

My lust list this time around varies from technology, clothes and beauty items. Let’s see what has been catching my eye lately and would be awesome if I could have it in my life…

Winter 2016 must have items

  1. Squirrel Onesie. Mr Price. R200
    I live for a good onesie! Whether it’s a cute short one over the summer, a long sexy one for a night one or a pyjama one like this one to snuggle up on those cold nights. The only downside is when nature calls at night!
  2. Macbook Air. Apple Store. R20 500
    When I was planning this post, I was meaning to write that this item is something that I want, but I probably wouldn’t get because…coins. However, the universe works in mysterious ways and a few days later I was able to get a discounted one at a good price. Look at God đŸ™‚
  3. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Makeup Brush Set. Zoeva. 75 €
    How pretty are these brushes! They’re quality too; if I did buy them I don’t think I would use them because they are too pretty to get them dirty with makeup. I would probably just keep them on my vanity for decoration purposes!
  4. Konjac Beauty Sponge. Wellness Warehouse. R90
    I am always looking for better ways to remove my make up and clean my face in the evening and I think this is a cool tool to use. I have been seeing it on the internet and I really want one.
  5. Apple iPhone 6. Apple Store. R12 000
    I really need a new phone in my life. I’ve been using my current phone for 2 years, 11 months and 2 weeks, which is a very loooong time to have had a phone these days. Either way it’s failing me and has become slow and shuts off when it wants to.
  6. Voyager T1000 Tripod. Makro. R300
    I think I am in need of a new tripod, even though the one I currently I use is still fine; it’s time to stop propping it up on my ironing board or window sill and get a proper tall one. For some reason, I thought that tripods were super expensive, but this one isn’t too bad.
  7. NutriBullet. R2300
    I just want this because I am a liker of things! I want to try doing smoothies – it will be a great way to up my veggie intake and make sure that I am slim and trim in time for summer #summerbodiesaremadeinwinter lol! I think it’s a bit pricey though, I might end up buying the dupe. 

What on your lust list?



  1. July 7, 2016 / 09:11

    I like your lust list, I wouldn’t mind a new phone also.

    • Lungi
      July 8, 2016 / 08:12

      Thanks Lebogang – which one are you thinking of getting?

  2. July 7, 2016 / 16:05

    Thank you for sharing! I also thought those tripod things were super expensive – like over a grand or something. R300 is not too bad. I think I will get myself one too! I agree at the onesie – I think twice if I have to go to the loo at night lol

    • Lungi
      July 8, 2016 / 16:02

      Giiirrrllll, just goes to show that we need to check things out first before we dismiss them as being expensive. lol

  3. July 8, 2016 / 15:43

    Nice list! I’m in need of a new phone and computer too. Glad to hear that you got a great deal on the macbook.

    • Lungi
      July 8, 2016 / 16:22

      Thanks Uzo – I’m so happy about the macbook too đŸ™‚

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