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The Ordinary

If you have not heard about this brand of skincare that has hit the beauty world by storm then you must be living under a rock somewhere 😀. The Ordinary has been all the rage lately because of providing quality skincare products at affordable prices. I wanted to buy a chemical exfoliant for my face and decided to get one from this brand in order to try them out. I wasn’t quite sure which type of chemical exfoliant to get so I read up on Clare’s blog and asked her on Twitter and that’s how I came to buying lactic acid from The Ordinary. 

Why I needed a chemical exfoliant
I realised that I was missing an exfoliation step in my skincare routine. I have texture on my skin because of acne scarring, this texture has been disappearing recently but I wanted to speed up the process. I wasn’t keen on using a physical exfoliant because my skin is sensitive and I didn’t want to aggravate it further with scrubs or things of the like so a chemical exfoliant was the best bet.

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What they say
I chose to buy the 5% Lactic Acid + 2% HA (hyaluronic acid) which is said to visibly target uneven tone (check), textural irregularities (check) and fine lines (thankfully not yet). They suggest applying the serum once a day, ideally in the evening. They also suggest wearing a sunscreen because this product may increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

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How I have used it
I’ve only had this product for a week now. I’ve been using it every other day in the evenings, that’s how I plan to use it in the future as well.

Where to get it
Luckily for us South Africans there are a number of online retailers that stock products from The Ordinary so we can buy them quite easily. I bought mine from BayOne for R182 and the shipping was R60. My parcel was dispatched to the courier company a day after I bought it but then the courier company took ages to deliver it which was partly my fault as well because I went away for a week and they couldn’t reach me 😂. However when I took it up with BayOne, they were super helpful and sorted me out in no time.

I’m very excited about using this product and I can’t wait to see the results! Smooth skin here I come!

Have you bought anything from The Ordinary?



  1. Sheerdee
    February 2, 2018 / 12:22

    You won’t regret this purchase! I’m inlove with this brand.

    • Lungi
      February 26, 2018 / 14:43

      whoop whoop! I’m excited, I need to pace myself and not be too impatient for the results

  2. whitney
    February 10, 2018 / 09:15

    So it’s meant to work on acne scarring? I’ve been looking that’s also a chemical peel and couldn’t fin anything.

    • Lungi
      February 26, 2018 / 14:41

      Hi Whitney, yes it’s also meant to work on acne scarring.

  3. Nondumiso
    March 24, 2018 / 10:30

    I am excited about these products hope they work for my skin… Recently bought the glycolic(not delivered yet) but I feel like I need to start with lactic because it’s a lighter acid

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