skincare product empties

Skincare product empties

Skincare product empties posts are few and far in between on my blog because it takes a lot of time to finish products ( more than 3 months in most cases). I am at a stage in my routine where I don’t chop and change my skincare routine – I want to use products till I finish them if the product is working well for me. So here are a few skincare product empties from the last few months.

Clinique take the day off balm
I prefer to use balms as makeup removers after using wet wipes to remove bulk of the makeup. I have used oils before and I didn’t like them much, another plus for balms is that they are more travel friendly than oils. I liked this balm and really enjoyed using it, I love how it dissolves quickly on the palm of my hands and how it doesn’t make my face oily afterwards. I didn’t repurchase this particular balm, I went for the one from The BodyShop instead this time around.

Estee Lauder Take it Away Makeup Remover Lotion
This was a sample size product that I received in a promotion from Estee Lauder. I used this makeup remover when I was travelling – it was perfect for that. However, I’m not a big fan of the lotion consistency of this makeup remover, it disappeared into the skin and I didn’t feel like it really removed the makeup. The lotion had a perfumer-y smell which I wasn’t fond of at all. I will not be purchasing this product.

Glamglow Power Cleanse Daily Duo Cleanser and Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating moisturiser
I received these products from a friend who had bought them but couldn’t use them anymore. I loved both of them and they worked well for my skin. The moisturiser was one my favourite summertime products (this product hasn’t quite finished yet, I have a few weeks of use left but I decided to add it here anyway). As much as I liked these products I won’t be repurchasing them because they are out of my price range. I am currently using African Black Soap as a cleanser at the moment.

African Extracts Daily Repair Facial Oil
I used this oil daily in the morning for 5 months. It’s kind of hard to review oils like this because the product doesn’t work in isolation, it works within a system of other products and environmental conditions that either improve or worsen the state of my skin. However, I can say that this product was a pleasure to use and it did not leave my skin feeling oily at all, it absorbed vry well into the skin. I won’t be repurchasing this product simply because it doesn’t have the “active” products that I look for in repairing skin products.

The BodyShop Drops of light skin defence multi protection essence
I don’t have much to say about this sunscreen because you already know that she is my favourite. It is one of the sunscreens that I recommend for black women of varying skin types, it absobs well into the skin, does not leave a white cast and has a SPF of 50… what more could a girl want?? I have already repurchased this sunscreen, I’m already on my 3rd bottle, I just keep on buying it!

So those are my current skincare product empties… have you used any of these products? What did you think of them?

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