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    2018 valentine’s day lust list

    Valentine's 2018 lust list

    My Valentine’s Day 2018 lust list is a bit late but rather late than never. I love making these lists because I get to browse all the online shops for items that I’d like to have in my life and hopefully these can inspire you if you are looking for a gift for that special someone in your life or if you just want to spoil yourself with something nice. This year’s lust list includes some home and beauty items and is a reflection of the things that I am currently loving. Read more…


    christmas 2017 lust list

    Xmas wishlist

    Christmas is around the corner and I have a few things that I would love to get, either as a gift from someone else or from me to me :). I love a good wishlist because if ever I have some left over money to spare it’s much easier for me to look at it to help me decide what to buy. I would really advise you to keep a wishlist of your own. So let me share what is on my current wishlist, and if you want to see my previous wishlists you can check herehere and here.

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    Lungi’s lust list: Valentine’s Day 2017

    Valentine's Day 2017 buying guide South Africa

    It’s February! This is the month usually dedicated to all things about love, you can’t walk in a mall without seeing a heart, a teddy bear or something along those lines. I am not a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day, in fact it’s like another day to me. However, this year I did want to create a Valentine’s Day inspired lust list of items that fit the theme of the day (red, white, hearts) that I would love to own. So check out which items made me cut! Read more…


    Lungi’s lust list 002

    I am back with my second lust list of items. From my first one, I have managed to buy 2 items – the rest are still a work in progress. Even though I haven’t ticked everything off the list, it doesn’t stop me from making a new one! The items I am coveting this time around cover kitchen, clothes, makeup and electronics… I want it all!

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    Lungi’s Lust List

    Lungi's lust list

    This is a new feature on the blog. I want to list all the items that I am currently lusting after in my life…trust me, the list is always long. They will range from hair products, beauty products and everything in between. Read further to peep my current lust list which is by no means exhaustive. So if you have extra cash lying around that you would like to perhaps spend on me, I have made it easy for you 🙂 Read more…


    A step up for my productivity // my home office

    home office ideas South Africa

    On my most recent lust list, one of the items that made the list was a desk. I had been thinking about creating a dedicated blogging space/home office in my house where I can do my blogging and some of my other work. Normally, I would set up up old desk that I used in my student days anywhere around the house and do my work from there. I decided not to wait to buy the desk from the lust list and work with the desk that I currently have until I can gather enough coins for my dream desk.  Read more…


    Demo & Review // The BodyShop Camomile Makeup Remover Range

    The BodyShop Camomile Makeup Remover Range

    I have a thing for makeup removers. I am always to look to find better ones than the ones I am currently using, at a good price of course. The BodyShop Camomile Makeup Remover range is one of my favourites, I love their silky oil cleanser and the waterproof eye and lip make up remover. The cleansing butter from this range made it on to my latest lust list – I had been eyeing it for a while and I finally took the plunge and bought it. Read more…


    Taking stock 005

    Autumn is knocking at the door, time to pack away those short dresses and bring out the cardigans. I am a bit bummed that days are getting shorter, but also happy that I can wake up in time to see the sunrise. I’ve done another taking stock post for the summer – there seems to be a ‘get to know me’ theme going on on my blog lately; I have a new video up on my YouTube channel where I did the ‘About me’ tag. Do check it out.  Read more…


    as a working mom and content creator, how do i create balance in my life?

    Balancing my life

    I get this question regularly on my social media platforms and in my real life interactions with people. It’s usually a version of: you seem to do so much / you seem to have it all together… how do you do it? The first time I was asked this question, I was thoroughly shocked because I didn’t think that I have it ‘together’ and I was questioning what depictions I was giving that led people to believe that, I also didn’t want how I portray my life to be the source of other people/moms feeling less than because they think that I have it together and that being a source of them feeling inadequate. Read more…