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    reusable pads… my first time use experience

    Subz reusable pads

    I’ve always wanted to use reusable pads. Why? you may ask, well I love trying out new things – sometimes to my detriment, also menstruation products fascinate me – I have even used the menstrual cup a few years ago. Another thing you should know about me is that my own bodily fluids don’t disgust me at all – I am quite comfortable with them. So now that that’s out the way, let me spill all the tea about these reuseable pads. Read more…


    travel // glimpses of kampala and bamako

    Lake Victoria Uganda

    I’ve been out and about out of the country a couple of times in November for work purposes. The November trips were shorter than the Dakar trip I took in October so there wasn’t a lot of time for touring and exploring. However, I did manage to take some photos to share on my blog and give you glimpses of Kampala and Bamako in Uganda and Mali respectively. When I am traveling, I’m usually more active on my Instagram stories, so if you want current footage that is the place to go.  Read more…



    32nd birthday

    Today is my birthday, whoop whoop! As like last year, I haven’t celebrated my birthday month as thoroughly as I did in the past. This is the first birthday that I will spend as a mom, so it is very special in that way, I am looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to sing to me :). I am turning 32 this year, it’s a weird age – it’s just there, however I will forever be grateful for growing older – it’s a privilege. I don’t have any grand plans for the day – I have to be at work, I’ll most probably buy a cake that we can enjoy in the evening.


    how to // take care of your skin when travelling

    skincare when travelling

    If you are a loyal reader of my blog you would know that I am hectically into taking care of my skin, and this means keeping to my tried and tested routine consistently. Travelling and being away from home has the possibility of throwing my routine off course and derail any improvements that I have made so far. So if you’re like me and want to keep to your routine no matter where you are in the world, I have come up with some tips and tricks to help you maintain that goal. Read more…


    taking stock 010

    taking stock 010

    Another season, another taking stock post. If you want to check out my previous installments of these posts, you can click here. Without too much rambling, read on further to find out what’s on my mind lately. Read more…


    travel // goree island, senegal

    Goree Island 2017

    On my recent trip to Dakar we got to spend an afternoon at Goree Island. This was one of the landmarks that I had read about when I was researching on the tourist attractions in Dakar so I was vey happy when we were given a chance to go. We went on a sweltering hot Wednesday afternoon and spent about 2.5 hours on the island, this was enough to do a walkabout on the island and make it in time for the 16:30 ferry back.  Read more…