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    spotlight // makeup remover balms

    We all know that not removing makeup at night is one of the cardinal sins that any makeup wearer can commit – just don’t do it! I strive to remove every bit of makeup on my face at the end of the day and I achieve that using a few tools and products. While using your facial cleanser is a good way to remove makeup, I like to use a makeup remover before cleansing my face just so that the cleanser can actually cleanse my skin. I have used many makeup removers in my life but I have, in the past year, moved on to using makeup remover balms instead of liquids and oils. In this post I want to highlight and compare the 2 that I have used. Read more…


    at home manicure: products for fast drying nails

    manicure setting sprays

    I am the ultimate at home manicure DIYer, I love doing my nails at home, it’s so calming for me. Before I became mom part of my Sunday night ritual was paining my nails for the week. I loved the ritual of getting out my tools and choosing a colour to paint my nails for the week. The worst thing however about at home manicures is waiting for the polish to dry. I have looked for the best ways to get polish to dry quickly; when I was in high school I used to place my nails under running water or put them in the freezer for a while, lol. Luckily I have graduated to better ways of getting my nails to dry. Read more…


    new in // clinique haul

    clinique haul south africa

    In the last few weeks I somehow bought a number of items from the Clinique brand, there have been a few products from the brand which have caught my eye and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy them. When I buy big ticket items for my makeup/beauty stash I try to align them to a time when the brand is having a special/promotion. If I am spending a lot of money, I want to get some sort of “reward” – I did this with Estee Lauder last year, and this time around, it is Clinique. Read more…


    low end vs high end // setting sprays

    setting sprays

    The last time I did this low end vs high end feature it was on mascaras, this time I am coming back with setting sprays. Setting sprays are a must in all makeup stashes. The main use is to ensure that it doesn’t move around throughout the day and also depending on the type of setting sprat, they can give you a dewy finish or mattify your makeup. When I started using makeup, I did not use setting sprays because the ones that I saw were all high end and I couldn’t afford them at the time. As luck would have it, there are more affordable setting sprays available on the market, in this post I will compare the high end and low end setting sprays that I own.

    Read more…


    my purple lipsticks collection

    purple lipsticks

    Choosing which colour lipstick to apply is one of the *tough* decisions that I face each morning when I am getting ready for work :). I own quite a number of lipsticks, I end up wearing the same colours over and over again, sigh! To combat this, I am doing a recon of my lipsticks per shade just so I can see what I have. This time around, I did my purple lipsticks, you can check out my collection of pink lipsticks here. Read more…


    new in // international beauty haul: colourpop, elf cosmetics, ali express

    international beauty haul

    Towards at the end of last year, I did an international beauty haul. I targeted more affordable brands like ColourPop and Elf Cosmetics. I took advantage of cyber Monday sales in the US and thus I saved a pretty penny. I have used some of the products and I am mostly happy with my purchases, there are 1 or 2 which I am not happy with, but you can see that in the YouTube video that I filmed. Read more…