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    Today is my 31st birthday *throws confetti*! I am one of those people who are not scared of growing older – in fact I embrace it; it was not always like this though. For the first time in a long time I do not have plans for today after the hectic month and past weekend that I’ve had, in fact this year – my birthday was the last thing on my mind in November. However, I am grateful for all the years that I have been blessed with in this life. 31 is a weird age because it’s not as wow as 30 – it’s just there, confirming that I am well into my thirties.


    taking stock 007

    Welcome to the spring 2016 edition of my taking stock posts – I can’t believe that I’m doing the 7th edition already. You can catch up on my previous taking stock posts here. I love going through them to see where my mind was at certain points in my life. I hope you guys enjoy the bit of insight into my life that these posts bring… let’s do this! Read more…


    1 year anniversary

    My blog in it’s current home and domain is now a year old, yippeeeee!!! In the past year, I have extended my blog to being more than just about hair (even though hair is still a major component), I now include all my other likes such a beauty, travel and food. It has been a great blogging year – I have met new and wonderful blogger friends and had great opportunities coming my way. I have also launched my YouTube channel from January 2016 – which is an extension of the blog. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts and engages with me, you guys are the real MVP! Here’s to many more years of blogging.

    Love, Lungi


    how i deal with sponsored content on my blog

    sponsored content south african bloggers

    So sponsored posts can be a contentious issue in the blogging world. I have seen people on other blogs commenting how the blog ends up looking like an advertising space when there is too much sponsored content. However, as a blogger it is also nice (more than nice) to earn some extra money on the side by doing sponsored content. So where does one draw the line? How much is too much? How about disclosure, how does that work out? Read more…


    instagram roundup // june 2016

    instagram roundup june 2016

    Another new month, another Instagram roundup. You can follow me on Instagram at @bylungi (it’s the same handle for all my other social media). On these roundup posts, I showcase some of the Instagram posts for the month and go a bit in depth about the photo and give other interesting tidbits or useful links that go with the photo. Let’s see what I got up to on the ‘gram in June. Read more…