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    hair update // january 2017 & looking back at 2016 hair goals

    January 2017 hair update

    It’s a new year – well it has been for the past month now :). In this time of the year, I like to set yearly goals for my hair and a general theme of what I want to do with my hair for the year, and for 2017 it won’t be any different. Although, this coming year I will have limited control of what my hair does because of my pregnancy and possible post partum shedding that I might experience – I still want to set some goals that will help me go through the phase as smoothly as possible. Along with that, in this post I will go through a bit of how my hair has been since my last hair updateRead more…


    tips & tricks to bring your natural 4c hair back to health after neglecting it

    flowers in natural 4c hair

    There are many ‘rules’ in the natural hair community aimed to help achieve and maintain healthy hair, but sometimes life gets in the way and all those rules fly out the window. You end up stuck with shrunken, dry and not very nice looking hair. I found myself in the same boat over the December holidays, my hair was a mess! I did not moisturise for days on end – don’t even get me started on deep conditioning. Add the fact that I was at my in-laws and had to have a doek on at all times, so my hair was conveniently forgotten. However, after I got my act together, I was determined to get my hair back into it’s health and here is what I did to revive my hair. Read more…


    1 year of natural hair: thoughts & lessons

    1 year after big chop 4c natural african hair

    I have been rocking my hair in its natural state for just over a year now  after going through a 7 month transition and I have been enjoying it! There has been a joy and satisfaction that has come from taking care of my natural hair the right way for the first time in my life and watching it grow and do things that I never thought it could do. As my hair has grown, I have been able to experiment with styling, get creative with it and learn some protective styling skills. Read more…


    hair update // november 2016

    hair update november 2016

    I was very excited for November to come along because, the end of November marks my 1 year anniversary rocking my natural hair! My hair has definitely grown since I big chopped, but I still feel like I am not at the length that I want to be. One of the downsides of big chopping earlier in your transition is that you have to work at retaining length. I feel that people who do long transitions retain more natural hair length because most of the damage occurs at the line of demarcation. Anyhoo, both methods of going natural have their pros and cons – no one way is perfect.  Read more…


    hair update // october 2016

    hair update october 2016

    This month I finally got my hair back into a protective style, I was really getting tired of having to wash and style my hair each weekend – it took up so much time! I haven’t gotten to that point yet where I can go for 2 weeks without a wash day. Read more…


    crochet braids twists tutorial

    Crochet braids twists

    So I am back in another protective style; this time it is really needed. I have a busy time ahead of me and I want to have my hair away so that it’s one  less stress that I have to deal with. I’ve also had my hair out since early September and I was tired of having to wash it and decide how to style it every weekend. Read more…