indoor plants tour

Indoor plants tour

It has been a hot minute since I posted anything about my garden and/or plants on here. But that’s all about to change because I filmed a video showing my current indoor plants collection. I love having plants in the house because they bring in freshness and they are great decor items. If you want to see my indoor plants tour, click on the video after the jump.

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i finally have my dream flower bed


You guys know my love for gardening and plants, so when a couple of weeks ago the garden at our home was over hauled my BFF suggested I include a flower bed and I was all hands on deck! I arranged for a small plot of┬áland to be left out in the overhaul and my flower bed planning began. I love that it’s right next to the patio so I catch a glimpse of it whenever I step outside. View Post


my beginner herb garden

beginner herb garden

I started doing some house greening last year and bought a number of house plants which I’ve been able to keep alive so far! yay me! Now that I have my house plants in order, I have decided to take it up a notch and start a beginner herb garden – it’s all in pots at the moment but it’s a garden nonetheless. Ultimately, I want to have a full on vegetable garden but I am taking it step by step till I reach Oprah levels of garden where my harvest day is goals! View Post