my baby girl is here…

    I finally became a mom on the 8th of March to a beautiful baby girl. As I write this, she is lying here next to me fighting the urge to fall asleep, lol! That’s one thing I am failing to understand about newborns – why fight the urge to sleep when you are sleepy??? sigh! Motherhood has been a massive learning curve, I only now (5 weeks later) feel like I am getting some sort of hang to it. However, just as I feel like I have figured her out, she switches it up on me and does the complete opposite and leaves me more confused than ever! Read more…


    on leave…

    Hey boos, I mentioned in this post that I will be taking some time off blogging to take out to get acclimated to being a first time mom. I am currently heavily pregnant and ready to give birth any day now (who knows, I might have given birth by the time this post comes out 😀) and thus, my blogging break has started. I want to enjoy this time and take some time out to rest rather than thinking about writing posts. I won’t be gone forever though, I will be back soon! You can still interact with me on social media, my handle is @bylungi on all platforms.

    Love, Lungi ❤️


    hair update // february 2017

    hair update february 2017

    My hair routine is finally getting to where I want it to be: predictable. I know that sometimes in the world of natural hair and natural hair blogging, predictable can be seen as boring, but I am so happy to be here. The one place where I can be creative are my hairstyles and as my hair is growing longer and my flat twisting skills improving – I am getting much, much better with hairstyles. Let’s see what my hair has been getting up to in February. Read more…


    low end vs high end // setting sprays edition

    setting sprays

    The last time I did this low end vs high end feature it was on mascaras, this time I am coming back with setting sprays. Setting sprays are a must in all makeup stashes. The main use is to ensure that it doesn’t move around throughout the day and also depending on the type of setting sprat, they can give you a dewy finish or mattify your makeup. When I started using makeup, I did not use setting sprays because the ones that I saw were all high end and I couldn’t afford them at the time. As luck would have it, there are more affordable setting sprays available on the market, in this post I will compare the high end and low end setting sprays that I own.

    Read more…


    taking stock 008

    This is my first Taking Stock for 2017 – like I always say, I love doing these posts because they sort of put a time stamp on my life. I can always look back and see what was happening and how I was feeling at a certain point in my life. This version of taking stock will be quite pregnancy heavy, because it is one of the biggest things that is happening in my life right now and it is dominating every aspect of my life as I get closer to my due date. Read more…


    Lungi’s lust list: Valentine’s Day 2017

    Valentine's Day 2017 buying guide South Africa

    It’s February! This is the month usually dedicated to all things about love, you can’t walk in a mall without seeing a heart, a teddy bear or something along those lines. I am not a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day, in fact it’s like another day to me. However, this year I did want to create a Valentine’s Day inspired lust list of items that fit the theme of the day (red, white, hearts) that I would love to own. So check out which items made me cut! Read more…