how to // shopping on aliexpress

    shopping on aliexpress

    I am the ultimate budget shopper, I love a good bargain! This personality trait and my love for things is how I ended up finding out about AliExpress and shopping on the site a number of times. I usually get questions from readers of my blog and people who follow me on social media about the ins and outs of shopping on AliExpress, so I thought to write this post to let you guys know my experience and some tips. I am not saying that I’m the expert on AliExpress shopping, but I have been doing it for over 3 years now – so I have some insight. Read more…


    the perfect father’s day gift

    Classic Black Cornwall 36mm

    This post is a bit late, but rather late than never… My husband and I celebrated our first mother’s and father’s day this year. To celebrate this special time, I wanted to gift him with a thoughtful gift from the little girl and I and I thought that a watch would be a great gift because it is something he will get a lot of use out of and of course would think about us every time he looked at it to check the time :). Read more…


    event // the house and garden show

    I must admit that even though I have lived in Durban for over 5 years now, I have never attended the House and Garden Show. Well, that all changed this year as I went to check out the show this past weekend. What I liked most about the show was that it covers a lot of areas from home, food and garden – so there is something for everyone. We mostly walked around to check out the different exhibitors, bought some items (hello fudge!) and ate some food. Check out some pictures that I took at the show. Read more…


    my evening skincare routine

    Evening skincare routine

    I am totally in love with my evening skincare routine, I love the feeling of taking off makeup and nourishing my skin with yummy products to help it rejuvenate during the night. I have kept a consistent skincare routine for over a year, the only things that had changed are the products that I have used and the introduction of serums from about September last year. As expensive as they are, I feel like serums have helped my skin tremendously, I am a bit obsessed with them. Read further to find out the other products that I use in my evening skincare routine.  Read more…


    taking stock 009

    It’s time for another taking stock post, I love these because they give me a time stamp of my life at a particular time. This installment of the series will be filled with baby stuff because that is the main thing that is going on in my life. It’s a busy time for me right now – I am back at work and trying to figure out this working mom life; I am taking it one day at a time. Let’s check out what other things I have been doing lately. Read more…


    spotlight // makeup remover balms

    We all know that not removing makeup at night is one of the cardinal sins that any makeup wearer can commit – just don’t do it! I strive to remove every bit of makeup on my face at the end of the day and I achieve that using a few tools and products. While using your facial cleanser is a good way to remove makeup, I like to use a makeup remover before cleansing my face just so that the cleanser can actually cleanse my skin. I have used many makeup removers in my life but I have, in the past year, moved on to using makeup remover balms instead of liquids and oils. In this post I want to highlight and compare the 2 that I have used. Read more…