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    The results are in, I have found my staple deep conditioners for my natural hair

    Deep conditioners for natural hair

    The trial is over, the results are in and the winners are…. Ok, ok, let me back track before making the big announcemnent.

    7 weeks ago, I started my testing of deep conditioners which I though would work on my hair. This was ultimately for pinning down my staple deep conditioners. This is one of my 2016 hair goals: to pin down my staple products. I have tried both moisturising and protein/moisture balanced deep conditioners. Most of the conditioners I had used before while my hair was still relaxed, I needed to see the response of the conditioner to my natural hair. Read more…


    New deep conditioners that I am trying out

    I have mentioned in the empties and haul posts that my hair product stash is filled to the brim with instant conditioner and I am running low on deep conditioners. However, I am not ready to commit yet on my staple deep conditioners for this natural journey that I have now embarked on. Enter…..sachets! I am a fan of sachets because they give me a chance to trial a product out without the commitment of buying the full size product. They are such a win-win item. Read more…


    [Wash Day] Weave takedown

    I took down my weave this past weekend and gave my hair a much needed wash. After the horrendous experience I had the last time I took down a weave, I knew I had to make some changes this time around. On Friday night, I was lucky enough to have someone to help me with the removal of the weave – and my helper was super gentle, so that process was seamless. However, I did have parts of my hair that were intertwined with the fake hair that I had to gently separate.  Read more…


    My top 5 hair care products

    Hey everybody! We are officially half way through the year *whoop*

    I don’t have a monthly favourites post for this month. I haven’t been doing much to my hair or to my face for any one product to stand out as a winner. So instead I have a list of my favourite products.

    Here are my top 5 haircare products, those that I would take on a deserted island if I ever get stranded *how would I find time to pack hair care stuff if I was going to be deserted on an island* I hear you ask. OK, let’s start again; these are the products that I will climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest most shark infested ocean to find. For real, for real: these are my faves, I use them regularly and they always give me good and consistent results – I swear by them and recommend them to anyone who cares to listen. Read more…


    1st Protective Style for Winter 2015

    Hey everyone! Since the first cold front hit us towards the end of last week, I am now declaring it officially winter! Mind you, us on the coast had only a morning of cool-er weather, however, I think it is downhill from here on out. Bring on the scarves and socks.

    I have decided to get my hair into a protective style, I have worn it loose for 5 weeks now since my last relaxer. I loved having it out, but it is time to get it hidden for a few weeks. I clarified my hair and did a protein treatment to get my hair extra clean and strong before my PS. Here is how it went: Read more…


    [Wash Day] I’m so happy to have my hair back

    Hello everybody! I hope you are having a great start to your week!

    wpid-20150310_181633.jpgOn Monday evening I had my wash day which was preceded by undoing the cornrows which I have been wearing under my wig for the past 4 weeks. The undoing and detangling part took me 2 hours, I really wanted to get rid of all the shed hair, I did not want a tangled, matted mess like I had previously. I used the Aunt Jackies Knot on my Watch Instant Detangling Therapy which I applied all over the cornrows, then I mixed castor, coconut and peppermint oil and applied that onto the cornrows. I gently took down the cornrows, I tried finger detangling as I went along. Once all my hair was free, I detangled thoroughly first with my fingers then with a wide tooth comb, I did this in sections. Read more…