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    Video // Full wash day routine

    Natural hair- Full wash day with steaming

    I feel like I have neglected the hair portion of my blog. It’s just that there is not much interesting happening with my hair, it is literally the same ol’ story everyday. Nothing much has changed to my routine, my monthly hair updates are helping to keep my goals in check. My hair needed some TLC over the weekend, I hadn’t done a proper wash day in 2 weeks. I filmed a video of my entire wash day to show how I do the steps that I do and some of the products that I use. Read more…

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    Much of the same wash day

    This is my last wash day post for the year. It was much of the same as my previous ones. I…

  • Embracing shrinkage

    Embracing shrinkage

    This week I decided to leave my hair as it is and let it shine in its shrinkage glory. Just…