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    Beauty // How I shaped my brows using a brow stencil

    Shaping eyebrows using eyebrow stencils

    I have the wonkiest brows known to man! They are each perfect in their own way but I can never find a way to get them to look the same. They are like feuding sisters! It takes me a long time in the morning to try to get them to be similar – it’s a nightmare. I once had a great eyebrow lady years ago, she always made sure my brows were on point. Unfortunately, I moved out of town and thus ended out affair. Since then I have been struggling to get my brows in shape. They are over plucked in some areas and they have different arch points *sigh*. Read more…


    [Mzansi] Where to buy hair products

    Disclaimer: This post has a South African focus, hence the [Mzansi]. I feel that it is important to share local specific information so to help others on their hair journeys as well who might be starting out and really don’t know where to begin. If I do feel that there is some important information to share, I will do so under the [Mzansi] tag.

    Update 13 December 2016… After getting numerous emails asking me if I sell hair products; I want to state here that I do not sell any hair products, accessorries, extensions, jamaican black castor oil etc. I’m a blogger sharing my hair journey. I also do not know where you can find hair products in towns/cities where I do  not live. I can help you with regards to finding products in Durban.

    I get a fair share of e-mails asking where I get most of my hair products that I use. For instance, I get the most hits to my blog via google searches on where to buy JBCO in South Africa. I have combined the different places where one can buy hair products in South Africa and what I think of each of them. Another note though is that I do get some of my products from overseas if I go there for work or holiday, you can usually find those specific ones in my haul posts, the rest of my products, I buy locally. Read more…


    January Haul

    I went a bit in this month in terms of the products that I bought, most of them were inexpensive, so I don’t feel too bad. Let’s get into it!

    Seeing as I am planning to doing a lot of protective styling this year and wigging is one of them, this wig head was a must to get to keep my wigs in tip top shape. Isn’t she pretty? I might have to buy another one. I bought her for R75 at a shop at China Mall. Read more…