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    6 months postpartum shedding update

    postpartum shedding natural hair

    I haven’t written much about my hair on the blog recently, this is because I haven’t been doing much to my hair to really chat about here. If you didn’t know, I have been experiencing postpartum shedding for the past 4 months – basically my hair is a mess. In order to go through this phase as seamlessly as possible, I have chosen to keep my hair hidden under protective styles. My current protective styles of choice have been wigs and crochet braids, both are very simple to maintain and give me access to my hair. Read on to know a bit more about how my hair is doing.

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    how to // trim 4c natural hair

    Trimming 4c natural hair

    Trimming ones hair is one of those unfortunate things that need to happen if you want to maintain healthy ends and healthy looking hair. When I had relaxed hair, I hated trimming my hair because it equated to a loss in length. Since becoming natural, I have become the opposite, in the beginning of my natural hair journey, I was so scissor happy – luckily that has died down now. I recently trimmed my hair and I have decided to share the knowledge of the whole process.  Read more…


    hair update // january 2017 & looking back at 2016 hair goals

    January 2017 hair update

    It’s a new year – well it has been for the past month now :). In this time of the year, I like to set yearly goals for my hair and a general theme of what I want to do with my hair for the year, and for 2017 it won’t be any different. Although, this coming year I will have limited control of what my hair does because of my pregnancy and possible post partum shedding that I might experience – I still want to set some goals that will help me go through the phase as smoothly as possible. Along with that, in this post I will go through a bit of how my hair has been since my last hair updateRead more…


    hair update // april 2016

    April 2016 hair update

    This month was fairly uneventful when it came to my hair, I have been protective styling for nearly the whole month. I did not do much to my actual hair, it was well hidden under the crochet braids. This was my first protective style since going natural, I must say that I am pretty proud of myself for keeping the PS on for 5 and a half weeks. I did miss my hair terribly towards the end and I was itching to uninstall.  Read more…


    Hair update // March 2016

    March 2016 hair update

    I’m back with a hair update for the month on March. One thing that stands out this month is that I can finally see that my hair is growing! I’m sooo happy. I even tweeted that natural hair is a silent grower, it grows on the down low, it seems like you wake up one day with a head full of hair! My hair is currently in a protective style, it feels so good to have it put away for a bit. I don’t have to worry about it on a daily basis. Read more…


    5 must-do’s to prep natural hair for protective styling

    threading 4c hair results south african hair blogger

    I have my hair in a protective style, the first one since my big chop. I have a busy period coming up these next few weeks and I don’t want to neglect my hair, so protective styling is the ultimate solution. At first I wanted to do braids, this idea quickly fell by the wayside when I realised the thinning of my hair on the sides. After some consultation with Lebo from Journeytobeauthair – I finally decided to do crochet braids, with everything done by me. This ensures complete control of the treatment of my hair and I don’t think anyone out there can be gentler with my hair than me. Read more…