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    [Recipe] Whipped shea butter

    Final product - whipped shea butter

    I have been using shea butter to seal my hair since the last few weeks before my big chop. I loved it then and I still love it now. The shea butter was an impromptu buy, I was buying something else from an online shop and I wanted to qualify for free shipping so I decided to add it to my trolley. I love how it keeps all the moisture in my hair locked in – it is one of my favourite sealants. I have been using it in its raw state since I bought it, the one issue I had with it was that whenever I rubbed it between the palm of my hands it didn’t all melt, it still felt grainy. I was left with off white specks which ended up in my hair, these looked like dandruff and I did not care for them at all. So during one of my internet browsing sprees, I came across whipped shea butter recipes which looked good enough to eat, so I decided to whip (and nae nae) my raw shea butter. Read more…

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