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    My big chop…what went down & my current length

    My big chop after 7 months transitioning

    To be honest, I planned my big chop. As I was counting my weeks post relaxer, I realised that on my birthday I will be exactly 30 weeks post relaxer and it was my 30th birthday – that felt like the right time to do it. I went on my birthday weekend away armed with my hair scissors¬† and a few hair products for post big chop maintenance that would tide me over till I got back home. Read more…

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    [Wash Day] Weave takedown

    I took down my weave this past weekend and gave my hair a much needed wash. After the horrendous experience…

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    February Haul

    I am so excited that my haul posts are going to become less and less in the coming months, because…

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    December Haul

    Yay! It’s the end of 2014 – time to roll in 2015 and see what it has in store. My…