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    My big chop…what went down & my current length

    My big chop after 7 months transitioning

    To be honest, I planned my big chop. As I was counting my weeks post relaxer, I realised that on my birthday I will be exactly 30 weeks post relaxer and it was my 30th birthday – that felt like the right time to do it. I went on my birthday weekend away armed with my hair scissors  and a few hair products for post big chop maintenance that would tide me over till I got back home. Read more…


    [Wash Day] Weave takedown

    I took down my weave this past weekend and gave my hair a much needed wash. After the horrendous experience I had the last time I took down a weave, I knew I had to make some changes this time around. On Friday night, I was lucky enough to have someone to help me with the removal of the weave – and my helper was super gentle, so that process was seamless. However, I did have parts of my hair that were intertwined with the fake hair that I had to gently separate.  Read more…


    1st Protective Style for Winter 2015

    Hey everyone! Since the first cold front hit us towards the end of last week, I am now declaring it officially winter! Mind you, us on the coast had only a morning of cool-er weather, however, I think it is downhill from here on out. Bring on the scarves and socks.

    I have decided to get my hair into a protective style, I have worn it loose for 5 weeks now since my last relaxer. I loved having it out, but it is time to get it hidden for a few weeks. I clarified my hair and did a protein treatment to get my hair extra clean and strong before my PS. Here is how it went: Read more…


    Relaxer Touch Up #2 in 2015

    I touched up my new growth on the 03rd of May – this was my second relaxer for the year, I was 16 weeks post and I was more than ready to get the relaxer.

    I self-relaxed using ORS Olive Oil Girls No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer System – this was my first time using this relaxer. I will carry on using it in my future touch-ups, even though I think it is the same formula as the adults one – I like the fact that the kit comes with more pre-relaxer hair protection than the adult kit, which focuses on the post-relaxer styling. And the gloves fit me well 🙂 unlike the adult gloves which I never used. Read more…


    [Wash Day] I’m so happy to have my hair back

    Hello everybody! I hope you are having a great start to your week!

    wpid-20150310_181633.jpgOn Monday evening I had my wash day which was preceded by undoing the cornrows which I have been wearing under my wig for the past 4 weeks. The undoing and detangling part took me 2 hours, I really wanted to get rid of all the shed hair, I did not want a tangled, matted mess like I had previously. I used the Aunt Jackies Knot on my Watch Instant Detangling Therapy which I applied all over the cornrows, then I mixed castor, coconut and peppermint oil and applied that onto the cornrows. I gently took down the cornrows, I tried finger detangling as I went along. Once all my hair was free, I detangled thoroughly first with my fingers then with a wide tooth comb, I did this in sections. Read more…


    February Haul

    I am so excited that my haul posts are going to become less and less in the coming months, because I plan not to buy any new products unless it is a replacement for something that I have used up, and this will only apply to my oils and vitamins. I have no business buying new conditioners…I repeat, I have no business buying new conditioners, I already have so many! Since I have written it down and shared it with the whole cyber world, I hope this will compel me to stick to it. Read more…