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    mama I made it… 1 year post relaxer

    1 year post relaxer & length check

    It seems so surreal to be at this moment… I am 1 year post relaxer; I last relaxed my hair on the 3rd of May 2015. It feels like the year has gone by so quickly and my hair has gone through so much in that space of time. I went from relaxed to transitioning to big chopping and becoming fully natural. I went through a period of not liking my hair much towards the end of my transition, and after big chopping I was thrust into a new world of short natural hair. This new world has been a steep learning curve in its own right.

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    Hair Products Empties and Haul // February 2016

    This time around I have decided to combine my hair products empties and haul from the past few months. This way I can see whether I am making progress in denting my hair product stash. My last empties and last haul posts were both in November 2015; read here for empties  and click here for the haul. I am hoping that in this post the empties products will be more than the haul products – that was I would have made progress in the right direction. This time I did it in video format – yipppeeee. Watch the video below. Read more…


    Hair Product Empties – November 2015

    Hey good people, I am back with a hair products empties post for November, I must say that I am on an empties roll and I love it! My last empties post was in September  and 2 months later I am back with another one, I am making some good progress. This empties post is definitely conditioner heavy – I am finally making a dent in my instant conditioner stash which is what I wanted to do, I have waaaay too many of them. I am hoping that after I big chop I will do more co-washes which will help to decrease my stash. Enough chit chat, let’s get into it. Read more…