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    Essence Festival Durban 2016

    Essence Festival Durban

    It has been a long time coming and it finally arrived, the Essence Festival in Durban! I was very excited to hear that this popular US festival was making its way to our shores. You see, Durban and New Orleans are sister cities – I am guessing that is why the festival made its way to the east coast of South Africa. I attended the festival on Friday 11 November – I was unfortunately out of town for the weekend. Next year, I will make sure to be in town for the duration of the festival.  Read more…


    Hair update // February 2016

    Hair update - February 2016

    Hey everyone, this is my second monthly hair update. February was a pretty uneventful month hair wise, I did pretty much the same thing at each wash day. My styling was non-existant, I wore my hair in its shrunken state most of the time. Read on to get a more in depth look of the month that was.  Read more…


    Cape Town Highlights

    Cape Town Highlights

    Going to Cape Town never gets old. I make a point to go there as often as I can. The last time I was there was 2 years ago, so another trip was definitely overdue. Even though I spent 4 years living in Cape Town while I was at UCT, being in Cape Town as a working person (read I have more money) is very different from when I was a student where I spent most of my days in the lab or computer room. On this current trip we went up to the top of Table Mountain on a cable car – I hadn’t done that before, I had been up once before and we walked all the way up and all the way down – my whole body was crying in pain after that experience. We also went to some wine farms for lunch and wine tasting. Check out the highlights… Read more…


    The results are in, I have found my staple deep conditioners for my natural hair

    Deep conditioners for natural hair

    The trial is over, the results are in and the winners are…. Ok, ok, let me back track before making the big announcemnent.

    7 weeks ago, I started my testing of deep conditioners which I though would work on my hair. This was ultimately for pinning down my staple deep conditioners. This is one of my 2016 hair goals: to pin down my staple products. I have tried both moisturising and protein/moisture balanced deep conditioners. Most of the conditioners I had used before while my hair was still relaxed, I needed to see the response of the conditioner to my natural hair. Read more…


    My first week with natural hair

    My first week with natural hairMy first full week of being natural flew by, my ‘twist out’ from last week lasted me 2 days. On Friday my hair had shrunken back slightly and it wasn’t so stretched, I didn’t mind it though. In terms of dryness, I moisturised and sealed 4 times during the week, I found that my hair did not lose a lot of moisture. This is in contrary to what a lot of people with my type of hair usually say about their hair. I guess I have found the right products for my hair and also Durban humidity is helping me out in that regard. On the weekend, I did my whole moisturising and sealing routine and I decided to embrace shrinkage and wear my hair with a young Madiba part. I liked this look, I plan to perfect it soon. Read more…