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    low end vs high end // setting sprays edition

    setting sprays

    The last time I did this low end vs high end feature it was on mascaras, this time I am coming back with setting sprays. Setting sprays are a must in all makeup stashes. The main use is to ensure that it doesn’t move around throughout the day and also depending on the type of setting sprat, they can give you a dewy finish or mattify your makeup. When I started using makeup, I did not use setting sprays because the ones that I saw were all high end and I couldn’t afford them at the time. As luck would have it, there are more affordable setting sprays available on the market, in this post I will compare the high end and low end setting sprays that I own.

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    beauty // Legit bronzing powder

    Legit bronzing powder

    A store like Legit is not one where I typically buy my makeup; I have seen their makeup collections, however, I have never even thought of trying any of their products out… until now. I saw mentions of this Legit Bronzing Powder floating around on my Twitter timeline a few weeks ago – FOMO immediately grabbed me and I knew I had to get it. I was lucky enough to find it at the first Legit store that I looked and at R29.99, it is a steal! Read more…


    new in // black opal true color pore perfecting liquid foundation

    Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

    I had been wanting to buy this foundation since last year after seeing a few of my favourite Youtubers giving it a lot of love and great reviews. Off I went to Clicks to test it out and buy my shade, only to find that they didn’t have all the testers 🙁 whomp whomp. I always wonder how we are expected to buy foundation if there aren’t any testers available. Read more…


    How to get your eyes popping // eyeshadow bases

    How to get your eyes popping eyeshadow bases

    As part of my daily makeup routine I do not wear eye shadow every day because it takes so long to apply. On the days that I do apply eyeshadow, I first apply primer and then use an eyeshadow base. The eyeshadow base helps to even out the eyelid, lightens it up and makes the eyeshadows pop. I currently have 3 eyeshadow bases in my makeup collection; this post will go through them and I also have swatches of each eyeshadow base. Read more…


    The lazy girl’s guide to soft skin overnight: In shower body moisturisers

    In shower body moisturisers South Africa

    I am one of those people who does not like to moisturise my body after my evening shower. It feels like a waste and all the lotion is just going to each up on my bedding – at least that’s my logic anyway. On the other hand, I love moisturised skin and I say NO! to being ashy. In comes in shower body moisturisers, I can moisturise while I’m in the shower, dry up and slip straight into my PJs – no mess no fuss. Sounds like a winner to me. Read more…