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    5 must know tips on africa travel

    africa travel

    If you’ve follow me on any of my social media you will know that I have been doing a lot of travelling to African countries since October 2017. All of these travels were work related, however I have been a long time Africa traveller since my first trip out of the country to Malawi in 2007. As a South African I will tell you that travelling to other African countries is not for sissies – it can be tough but it is so totally worth it. I love being in other African countries and getting to see how other people live. If you want to know about other places that I have travelled to, I have a video where I go through my passports and chat briefly about all the places that I have been. But for now I’ll give you some of my first hand experience and tips on travelling to other African countries like a pro. Read more…

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    Travel // Dubai

    Another installment of Travel Thursday – if this is the first post you’re reading, this is a #TBT series where…