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After my wash day, I was feeling kind of fancy and I had a new product to play around with so I decided to do a perm rod set. I had done one before which wasn’t that successful because the rubber thingies kept on snapping. So I bought a new set of rubber thingies and went on with it.

After my hair was washed and what not, I then sectioned it haphazardly – I did not use a comb for sectioning in any part of this hairdo. To each section I sprayed on some water and then applied my new Schwarzkopf conditioning foaming lotion (I bought it a few weeks ago) and then put on the perm rods. The one downer with the new rubber bands that I bought, they aren’t tight enough therefore the perm rods weren’t taut.

Anywhoo, I used 34 perm rods on my head (I really did small sections) and the whole process took an hour. I put on two hair nets in preparation for sleeping then I sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes, then I headed off to bed.

In the morning, I took out the perm rods – my hair was tightly coiled like I had a proper young ‘fro, which is so weird and wonderful because my hair is so long. anyway, I then put some coconut oil on my hands and separated the curls. I really like the way the style turned out – I will definitely be doing it again.




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