2 year hairnniversary

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Whoop whoop, I am 2 years into my hair journey and I can finally say that I am seeing progress with my hair in terms of health and length. What I came to notice is that all my overly processed end have been breaking off that’s why I didn’t have tremendous growth in the first year, but I must say that this year I have seen growth and my hair is flourishing. I still have a hairline problem but I am hoping that constant massaging will help me. What I have done this year is streamlined my hair routine which has made it so much easier, I am getting back into protective styling now the proper way.

Here are my goals at my first year hairnniversary for this past year:

  • Trim my thin ends! So as to get rid of all my overprocessed hair (this has happened naturally – I haven’t trimmed anything yet)
  • Get a hooded drier and use it at least once a week for deep conditioning when my hair is out (yes! yes! yes! I got my portable hooded drier which works magically, I use it for prepooing and DCing)
  • Still make protective styling my best friend (I only started hectically PSing in August this year, prior to that it was on and off or short term PS)
  • Massage my hairline and scalp on a regular basis! (at least 3 times a week) (This one has been a bit hard, I do massage when I remember though)
  • Still treat my hair with love! (yes! yes! and yes!)
  • Proper length check ever 3 months starting January 1, 2014 (not every 3 months, but I have done length checks after I had relaxers)
  • Continue texlaxing using ORS (yes!)

So on to my goals for this upcoming year for my hair:

  • Relax after every 14 weeks – no more relaxer stretching. During the periods from relaxer to relaxer I will do 2 protective styles
  • Length checks at every relaxer
  • Massaging hairline 3 times a week
  • Learn to do a mean flexi-rod set
  • Learn to plait my own hair
  • Do at least one trim – don’t rely on natural breaking off of thin ends
  • Stretch target: get to bra strap length

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