Protective Style: Braids

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I decided to get my hair braided this past weekend, I know that I just took down my weave last week and I have only had my hair out for less than a week. I am going to be busy the next few weeks that I couldn’t schedule a time for my hair, so I thought rather than have my hair out and subject it to some neglect, a protective style will be better. I will still be taking care of my hair while it’s under the braids, but it’s much less maintenance.

I used 6.5 packs of Colour 1B Kinky Budget extensions – I will keep the protective style for 5 weeks, that’s just around Christmas time (can you believe it’s only 5 weeks till Christmas!). I plan to moisturise using my DIY spritz, I will shampoo and deep conditioning my hair every 2 weeks and I plan to oil my scalp and massage at least 3 times a week – this is such a stretch target, I am usually so bad at this
The back – I went extra long this time around
The front

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