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I decided to do my rollerset which I postponed at my last wash day, the reason for the rollerset is to stretch my new growth (I am 13 weeks post) and get a straight/sleek look for my hair this week.

[1] I parted my hair into 4 sections and applied  L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Masque with Restoring Serum as my pre-poo. I covered my hair with a shower cap and pre-pooed for 30 minutes with heat. 

[2] I co-washed using a cheapie conditioner which I am trying to use up: Clicks Moisture Rich Conditioner. Even though it is a ‘moisture rich’conditioner – it has some protein in it like hydrolysed wheat protein. I recently discovered that it has panthenol and I have searching for products with this ingredient. However, I will not repurchase this conditioner because it has zero slip!

[3] Deep conditioned using Dabur Vatika Black Seed Hair Mask Treatment Cream which I used on my last wash day. I used it straight up this time, sans my oil mixture. I deep conditioned under my heating cap for 45 minutes. *and at this point my blow drier decided to die* boo hoo R.I.P.

[4] T-shirt dried my hair and sprayed on my ACV solution and let the hair air dry a bit

[5] I applied my leave in conditioners – Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner and the Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner and detangled with a wide tooth comb. My hair was not as soft as usual and detangling was only helped by the fact that I had done a massive detangling session on my last wash day.

[6] I used some water and Schwarzkopf Smooth ‘n Shine Conditioning Foam Wrap and magnetic rollers to rollerset my hair.

[7] I let my hair dry in the rollers overnight – this is *always* an uncomfortable experience.

wpid-20141229_081145.jpg[8] In the morning I took the hair out the rollers and applied some coconut oil for sealing and some shine.

My hair felt very crunchy to the touch as I was separating the curls – I think the foam wrap lotion is the culprit for this crunchiness. When I was combing out my hair, I had some breakage which I was not happy about. Overall though, my hair feels fluffy and soft with loads of volume. So *yay* for a successful rollerset.

wpid-2014-12-29-09-13-25-112.jpgI combed out most of the curls and left some at the end for a wavy look. Shock of all horrors, I think I see a grey hair!! 🙁 – I am way to young to start having grey hairs *sigh*

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  1. ghanaianemprezz

    Your hair turned out well. Love the smoothness.

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