Ending a 14 week stretch

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I last relaxed my hair on the 28th of September 2014 and my next relaxer day is looming after a 14 week stretch. I am so happy that I have stuck to this time frame because my last relaxer stretch was 23 weeks, and these long stretches don’t work for me.

wpid-2014-11-21-14-10-07-931.jpgwpid-2014-10-12-12-23-41-300.jpgDuring the 14 weeks, I have had my hair in 2 protective styles each for 5 weeks. I had my hair out for 1 week after my relaxer and 1 week in between the protective styles and finally 2 weeks before my next relaxer. I am happy about this stretch because it was a trial run for my new regimen for 2015 and it has worked really well.

I also did the inversion method once – I plan to do it more often because I do see an increased growth in my hair.

I have increased my daily water intake to 1.7L after I completed the 30 days of water challenge – this can only mean good things for my hair and overall health.

I decided to buy JBCO which I will be using during my next stretch to assess how it works for my hair.

From my very rough measurements, I have about 3.5 to 4 cm of new growth on average.

I am excited for my next stretch which will last 16 weeks and I will be on the #GrowthChallenge2015!

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