[how I] protect my hair on a long haul flight

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I recently travelled to the other side of the world and this involved nearly 24 hours of travel from my home to the destination.

In previous times when I travel I usually have a protective style, so my actual hair is hidden. This time around, I had my hair out – and I knew that I had to protect it from the very dry air in the airplane and also from the friction against the seat while I’m *trying* to sleep.

My aims were to
(1) have my hair protected
(2) feel comfortable
(3) look cute while doing the above 2 :).

On the night before I travelled – I moisturised my hair, applied some coconut oil and sealed all that up with olive oil. I then placed a shower cap over it and tied all that up with my satin scarf and went to sleep. In the morning, I let my hair dry a bit and I re-sealed with a teeny bit of olive oil. I plaited the ends, tucked them in and covered my hair with 2 satin bonnets (just to be sure), then covered all that up with a beanie and off I went.

When I got to my destination, my hair felt very moisturised including my ends, I didn’t even need to remoisturise, I tied the hair up into a bun and went on with my day. I will definitely be using this method again on my travels.

Side note: When I was passing through the security at Hong Kong airport, I was asked to take off my beanie and put it through the x-ray machine *hides face*. I was mortified, my hair was not in the position of being seen by the world!

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