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Yay! I am into my first protective style of this stretch, even though I am a week late according to my regimen for this year, better late than never, right?

I decided to go with a wig, this is the 3rd time I have a wig on my hair journey, the last one I kept for 3 weeks because I missed my hair terribly as I had no access to it in the 3 weeks, absolutely 0! I couldn’t even moisturise and seal…long story.

So this time around I toyed around with the idea of having my hair in cornrows for 5 weeks or plaiting 8 single plaits and taking those down every 2 weeks to wash my hair. I chose to go with the single plaits as a start and see how that works for me. This decision was mainly because a) I would’ve had to go to the salon to get the cornrows done and b) I think the cornrows would have pulled my hairline. So that is how the single plaits won this round.


This is what my hair looks like all plaited up from the back.

Like mentioned, I plan to keep the wig regimen for 5 weeks, I will wash my hair twice during this time where I will take down the plaits, do my normal wash day routine and plait my hair back up again. I plan to moisturise twice a day using my DIY moisturising spritz and I will continue with my hairline and scalp massages using my JBCO oil mix.

Today was the first day I wore the wig, I had a satin bonnet and a wig cap underneath it – I did get a bit of a headache during the day, it wasn’t too uncomfortable, but I definitely felt the tension. Tomorrow I will wear the wig without the satin bonnet and see if it makes a difference.

I can already tell that I am going to enjoy this wigging regimen because of the access to my hair in the evenings.

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