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I just thought to hop on and give me feelings about my fist real wigging stint that I have just completed. I wore the protective style for 5 weeks in total, 1 week with my hair loosely braided and 4 weeks with my hair in a beehive cornrow pattern.

What I liked:

  • I was able to change my look in 2 seconds
  • I enjoyed having access to my hair for easy wash days and scalp massages
  • The style is virtually maintenance free other than moisturising, and my washes every 2 weeks
  • My hair took a break from daily manipulation

Not so much:

  • I wore the wig in the height of summer and the heat was sometimes unbearable
  • I had a headache the first few days I wore the wig, which luckily subsided after I chose not to wear the satin bonnet underneath.
  • On some days I experience excessive itchiness around the neck (I was constantly scratching)

What I will do next time:

  • A wig with a bigger cap so I can wear a satin bonnet underneath my wig cap to prevent my hair from losing too much moisture
  • A longer/shorter wig so that the ends aren’t on my neck
  • Undo my cornrows and detangle my hair after 2, maximum 3 weeks and re-braid

The best feeling ever was taking off the wig when I got home from work! that feeling is like nothing on earth, I can’t decide on which is better: taking off the wig or taking off my bra at the end of the work day. I did find though that I could not handle the wig over the weekends OMG! the first weekend I tried, I already took the wig off and wrapped my hair in a scarf by Saturday afternoon. So for the subsequent weekends, I was always in a headwrap of sorts.

I definitely will be wigging again, I am planning to have it as my main method of protective styling at least for the remainder of this stretch and my next relaxer stretch.

Some of my headwrap looks


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