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Hey everybody! I hope everyone is having an awesome week. I finally did my wash day on Tuesday evening, I just want to say that kudos to all the ladies on their healthy hair journey who have full time jobs and families and still managed to get everything done! I have been so busy lately that scheduling to do my hair has been a nightmare – so I can’t imagine how crazy it would be if I had a family thrown in the mix *shoooweee*.


[1] Prepoo: I massaged my oil mix (JBCO, coconut oil, essential oils) into my scalp and applied coconut oil on the length of my hair and detangled. Sat under my heat cap for 20 minutes

[2] Shampoo: I used the only sulphate free shampoo in my stash: Aunt Jackies Knot on my Watch Instant Detangling Therapy – I washed the hair in sections just to minimise any tangling

[3] Instant Conditioning: I used the Watson’s Anti-Frizz Treatment Conditioner with Argan Oil, I applied the product on to the hair and did some further finger detangling. It almost felt like a shampoo because it kind of lathered rather than sitting on my hair like a conditioner usually does. Anyhoo, I rinsed it out after 5 minutes. At this point, my hair felt very soft – I almost didn’t see the need to DC, but I did not want to be changing up my regimen.

[4] Tea rinsed using a mixture of chai, chamomile & rooibos tea. I massaged the tea into my scalp, waited until it stopped dripping then wrapped my hair in a t-shirt

[5] Deep Conditioning: I did protein layering on my ends, hairline and nape using Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor, I then applied a mixture of the Dabur Vatika Black Seed Treatment Mask mixed with glycerine and JBCO. I sat under my heat cap for 35 minutes

[6] Leave-ins: I applied my usual bad boys Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner and Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner and coconut oil and proceeded to detangle. I was lucky this week, because despite having a bit of growth, I did not have many tangles, so this process was rather smooth.

[7] Moisturising and Sealing: I applied the AfroBotanics Conditioning Moisturiser and stretched my new growth using the tension method. I used warm air, luckily the moisturiser I used also has heat protectant properties so I didn’t need to apply extra product to my hair. I was meant to seal after blow-drying, but I forgot 🙁


[8] I decided to rock the ‘doughnut’/’sock’ bun for the first time. So I watched a few YouTube tutorials, then I hooked it up. I covered my hair in a stain scarf overnight.

[9] In the morning, my hair was still in tact 🙂 and apart from just brushing it a bit on the sides, I didn’t have to do much. I will keep it in the bun for the remainder of the week – I’ll take it down to moisturise it a couple of times.

I have enjoyed having my hair out for the past week and a bit – I do have serious ‘hand in hair’ syndrome, but in my defense, my new growth just begs to be touched – it’s so nice and curly. As much as I love having it out, I don’t have enough time for the daily/weekly maintenance and thus I am planning to put the hair away for another 5 weeks from this weekend. And I know by the end of the 1st week, I will be missing it again! *sigh* – I am really undecided when it comes to my hair.

The Wash Day Experience


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  1. Lydz

    I hear you on the scheduling issues I have learned to multi task when it comes to my hair so I DC while doing something else usually house chores cooking etc and schedule a wash for when I am actually ready to take a shower killing one bird with two stones:) Hand in hair syndrome is so real lol mine is so bad that I do it even when wearing protective styles lol

  2. Lungi

    I totally agree, multi-tasking is a must. And as women we’re so good at it.

  3. beccakar

    Haha yeah I feel you there is always so much to be done that keeping a few hours aside to do your hair only is not an easy one! How are you finding the afrobotanics moisturizer for your new growth?

    1. Lungi

      It works well on my new growth only if I moisturise it properly in small sections so that each strand gets product.

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