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I had my 1 week post wash day over the weekend. I love these wash days after I touch up the new growth, they are so quick and easy. I also find it easier to style my hair during this time and try out some of the styles that I have in my *to do* folder, and trust me, there is a lot. I decided to give my hair a moisture boost on this wash day because I was planning to flat iron and this is known for sapping all the moisture from one’s hair.

I started detangling my hair around 1am on Sunday morning – don’t ask me why, after getting back home I just felt like washing my hair. By the time I applied my DC, it was 02:30 and I was more than ready to call it a night!

Here is how it went:

Prepoo: Coconut oil. I used heat for 20 minutes

Shampoo: Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Moisturising & Softening Shampoo

Instant conditioner: Bodyshop Banana Conditioner

Deep Conditioner: Dabur Vatika Black Seed Hair Mask Treatment and Castor oil. I kept the DC overnight.

The next morning:

Rinsed out the hair and t-shirt dried

  •  Leave-Ins: Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave-In Conditioner, Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner and Coconut Oil
  • Moisturising and Sealing: AfroBotanics Conditioning Moisturiser and Olive Oil

I then blow dried my hair using the tension method, I used cool air. I sprayed the hair with my heat protectant: Chi Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray and I flat ironed my hair at 160 degrees C and I did two passes.

My hair wasn’t all the way straight, and I liked that look, my hair is sooo thin and lifeless when it is all the way straight.

Here are the results:

wpid-fotor_143127608129083.jpgOn the left is my hair just after the cut, and on the right was at 1 week post


Relaxer results

My hair is currently just over shoulder length, my ends are still blunt – which I love!

This Post Has 9 Comments

  1. Emprezz Abena

    You retained length so you will be APL very soon ☺

  2. DontTouchHair

    Congrats Lungi! You’ll reach APL very soon. What type of flat iron do you use?

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Uzoma. I use a ceramic plate flat iron

  3. LOL I cant believe you did your hair in the AM’s you are special!!!

    I am so stoked about your length hey *BIG Smile* you have gained so much length from your cut… I am so happy for you

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Lebo! The waash day starting at 1am was not one of my brightest ideas

  4. Becca

    You have made great progress Lungi, one wouldn’t think that you trimmed your hair quite a lot recently 🙂

  5. nerline

    Your hair looks fuller in the after picture. Great job!

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