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Disclaimer: This post has a South African focus, hence the [Mzansi]. I feel that it is important to share local specific information so to help others on their hair journeys as well who might be starting out and really don’t know where to begin. If I do feel that there is some important information to share, I will do so under the [Mzansi] tag.

Update 13 December 2016… After getting numerous emails asking me if I sell hair products; I want to state here that I do not sell any hair products, accessorries, extensions, jamaican black castor oil etc. I’m a blogger sharing my hair journey. I also do not know where you can find hair products in towns/cities where I do  not live. I can help you with regards to finding products in Durban.

I get a fair share of e-mails asking where I get most of my hair products that I use. For instance, I get the most hits to my blog via google searches on where to buy JBCO in South Africa. I have combined the different places where one can buy hair products in South Africa and what I think of each of them. Another note though is that I do get some of my products from overseas if I go there for work or holiday, you can usually find those specific ones in my haul posts, the rest of my products, I buy locally.

Anyways, I think the places we can buy hair prouducts is increasing now, and we are getting good quality products from overseas, but the prices are still very prohibitive in my opinion. So I want to list a few places/ways that are available to get our hair stuff (at reasonable prices) to satisfy our product junkie tendencies.

Online shops

There are a number of online shops available for hair products, I will not list them all here. I have only bought hair products once online from a South African product line, only because I couldn’t find any stockists in my city. The reason I don’t like buying online hair products is a) I love seeing, touching the products before I buy it, especially if I am buying it for the first time; b) the prices can be too high, especially on the international products – I totally understand that a mark-up is necessary, but I think some of the prices are daylight robbery.

Local retailers

Here I am talking about Clicks, Dischem, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers etc. I like  love, ok ok, I live for! trawling the aisles at Clicks/Dischem. Here you will find your usual run of the mill hair products, nothing special really – I only go to these shops if I know what I want e.g. relaxer. For me, I find that Dischem is the most exciting because they have brands that I never see at other shops. One tip though: if you see a product you like at Dischem: buy it! You never know when it will be discontinued and you will never see it again. The prices are usually more or less the same – I hardly even shop around, I go to the retailer that is most convenient for me.

Also try the Indian spice shops like Gorimas – they usually stock items like henna and some of the Dabur Vatika products.


You find a few product lines that are only stocked in salons like Mizani etc. however, I have been finding that online stockists are also stocking some salons with their products. I have seen products like JBCO, T444Z, Morrocan Oil products being sold at salons. So that is always another option.


These are my absolute favourite places to get hair products, because

a) they usually have the whole range in stock;

b) they have such a wide range of brands that I have not seen anywhere else;

c) their prices are the cheapest.

That being said, shopping at wholesalers is not always a pleasant experience; the one I usually go to, you have to sign in your name and details at the door, they ask you if you are carrying any cosmetics in your handbag, this is in case you are suspected for theft and you can’t say that these are mine, I brought them into the shop with me. They have a lot of check points for your goods and handbag before you leave the shop. The queues to pay can be ridiculous because they obviously have a lot of spaza shop owners buying there, and these guys buy in bulk. That being said, I almost exclusively buy all my hair products/accessories from wholesalers – I have not found better deals anywhere else. So I brave the unpleasant shopping experience, because trust! it is worth it when I have my beloved products in hand *evil grin*. So do try going in to your nearest Jumbo, Rhino etc. to check it out.

I took these pictures at my favourite wholesaler, the quality is not that great because I had to be fast about it

wpid-fotor_143205061807563.jpgShelves upon shelves of products


The ORS section, some of the products here I have never seen outside of this shop


Perm rods, magnetic rollers, mesh rollers, flexi rods…all at very reasonable prices


Every kind of hair extension you can think of!

If you’re in Durban, my favourite wholesaler is Arrow Cash & Carry on Umgeni Road. It’s next to Cambridge Foods and Durban Station. Note: I bought the Marley hair for my crochet braids from this shop. Click here to see the final look.

So, there you have it. Do you have any other places where you buy your hair products?

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  1. pkmossie

    Hey the stores you mentioned I’m there to, jambo is the best whole saler for me there I found the black Jamaican Castor oil, smooth n shine form wrap and lots other things at cheap cheap prices. Manhattan on broad street got a cool satin wrap for R10. Avon had a special this month on argan oil leavein treatment for R45 from R85

    1. Lungi

      Hey PKMossie,

      I also love Jumbo, they have pretty cool stuff, I didn’t know they had jbco as well.

      Is this Broad Street in Durban? I really need new satin doeks.

      Thanks for the comment

    2. Masego

      Hey, where is Jambo?

  2. Tendai

    Gurl waaat?!!! Look at!!! OMG I totally forgot there was Jumbo, used to go there way back when. But looking at the pics of those shelve – your are not doing me a hoarder favour doll!!! I can’t… Thanks for a great post & reminder! I normally get my hair stuff at the Indian markets I Mayfair. I’m a big fan of Dabur & likewise if I travel overseas I hoard on my would like to try items.

    1. Lungi

      Hehehehe, apologies for awakening your hoarder tendencies Tendai, I also go crazy at the wholesalers.

  3. kangopie

    I will have to go to a wholesaler. That picture is like heaven. All those ORS products!!! I’m going to dream about these products I can tell!!

    Lovely post Lungi!!

  4. Lungi

    Thanks Kangopie.
    Definitely make your way to a cash n carry near you

  5. Serra

    Hey, just wanted to share for those of you in Johannesburg, that if you looking for hair products at a wholesalers I’d have to recommend Africa Cash and Carry over Jumbo, Jumbo are limited while Africa CnC have Aunt Jackies, ORS, ORS for Girls, ORS Curls Unleashed, Texture my way, Coconut Oil and a number of other beauty products that you can find very useful for a natural hair journey.
    Also I’ve noticed that Jumbo tend to stop stock of certain brands – not sure why – but if you even want some Blue Magic, it would be better to go to Africa CnC as Jumbo stopped stocking them (yes some mineral oil never killed anyone, same as silicone, just don’t use in excess)

    1. Lungi

      Thank you for your input Serra πŸ™‚

  6. Nikita

    Hi Lungi.

    At which wholesaler in Joburg were those flexi rods and Magnetic Rollers?. I am close to the Jumbo in Crownmines, and they don’t seem to have it.

    1. Lungi

      Hi Nikita. You can try at Dischem for the flexirods. I don’t know about the magnetic rollers – I haven’t seen them outside the Cash n Carrys.

  7. Gugu

    where can I find Jumbo nd Africa CnC in Durban???

  8. Lungi

    Hi Gugu, Jumbo is on Sylvester Ntuli Road. Arrow Cash n Carry is on Umgeni Road close to Cambridge & Durba Station.

  9. Noma

    Where can I get find perm curlers/rods in cape town?

    1. Lungi

      Hi Noma, I’m not familiar with Cape Town hair shops, so I don’t know where to direct you.

  10. Lwazi

    Omg! I wasn’t aware that I can get hair products from a jumbo! I am in Durban and its not easy getting hair products for natural hair this side as opposed to Joburg. I am currently transitioning and am experimenting with a few hair products and mixing my own oils for my hair. This post just got me excited about my natural hair journey all over again! Thank you!

    1. Lungi

      Hi Lwazi, yep Jumbo has a good selection. Try Arrow Cash & Carry as well, they have better variety than Jumbo.

      1. Lwazi

        Oh great! Thanks, I’ll drop by Arrow Cash & Carry and see what they have for me πŸ™‚

  11. kgomotso

    Hi lungi. where exactly is gorimas? you didn’t tell us where to find that indian spicw shop. I have been looking for henna

    1. Lungi

      Hi Kgomotso, depends on where you live, I’m in Durban so it’s in almost every mall. Check your local mall

  12. Vanessa

    I’ve been looking for magnetic rollers everywhere! Where did you take that pic of the perm rods and magnetic rollers?

    1. Lungi

      Hi Vanessa, the magnetic rods were at Arrow Cash & Carry in Durbam

  13. Lucille

    hi Lungi, Lucille here .may you please forward me your landline numbers or email. I have something few ideas I would like to share with you.

  14. Thenjisiwe

    Where have you been all my life? I have been looking for perm rods everywhere.Just waiting till I have some money. I’m gonna go crazy in these shops. Thank you Lungi.

    1. Lungi

      you’re welcome Thenjisiwe – you can go all the way crazy!

  15. benita

    hi everyone I’m interested in trying crochet braids and I would like to know if u know any salons or hairstylists that are able to do crochet braids in durban.

    If you do please provide the contact details.

    Thanks so much πŸ™‚


    1. Lungi

      Hi Benita, I don’t know of any salons. I install my crochet braids myself – it’s not too hard, though it does take some practice. I have a tutorial on my youtube channel

  16. Robin

    Hi Lungi

    I’m from Cape Town. Thank you for always keeping me up to date about hair care products. Im currently using the Hask brand that I bought at Clicks and loving it!

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Robin – I’m glad to hear that my blog helps you out. I also loved the Hask deep conditioners; I just wish that they were sold in full sizes instead of the sachets.

  17. Rue

    Been looking for perm rods for my natural hair & bumped into this post.Life saver, or hair saver rather lol going to jumbo crownmine soon..thanks xoxo

    1. Lungi

      I’m glad that this post helped πŸ™‚

      1. Lulama Ntuli

        Hi Lungi Lulama here. I was looking for perm rods I stay near pinetown

        1. Lungi

          Hi Lulama, go and check at Arrow Cash and Carry in town – that’s where I get mine

  18. G

    Hi Lungi…great post…I’m fairly new in Durban so I wasn’t aware there there was a Jumbo…so thank you very much!!
    Where did you buy your crochet…I can not find the one with a hook in Hillcrest…

    1. Lungi

      Hey, you can check at Arrow Cash and Carry, that’s where I got my crochet needle. Welcome to Durban πŸ™‚

      1. G

        Thanks and thanks…will check it out…

  19. khetho

    hey Lungi
    thanx for info dear. where can get hair rods in empangeni?

    1. Lungi

      Hi Khetho, I don’t know where to get them in Empangeni



    1. Lungi

      Hi Brigitte, unfortunately I am not familiar with perming products

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