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It’s been 4 months since I did one of these, I loved doing it the first time because it gives me a good chance to sit and think about what is currently happening in my life and I think it is an awesome way for you guys to know me a bit better. wpid-wp-1433333661881.jpeg

Making : sure that my work, home and car keys are with me at all times. The number of times I have left my work keys at home and home keys at work lately! And I end up having to do double trips

Cooking Eating : less and less meat. Ever since I did 30 days of being a vegetarian, I am not inclined to eat as much meat as I used to

Drinking :still on that water tip 🙂 – it’s almost become second nature now

Reading: The Goddess Bootcamp by Kagiso Msimango

Looking: for the perfect white furry cushions for my lounge

Playing: not much music at the moment, listening to the radio a bit more lately

Wasting Not Wasting: any and every opportunity to be kind – every person you encounter deserves a bit of kindness

Wishing:that I can get back into joggin again, the past weeks have been so lazy for me

Enjoying: watching the entire Sex and the City series…it never gets old for me. It’s my ultimate favourite TV Show

Waiting: to get my refund from the petrol station that charged me twice when I was filling up *sigh*

Liking: my new long nails, I hardly ever grown them out

Wondering: why the whole FIFA World Cup 2010 bribe thing matters so much! All I care about is that we had fun over that time – the rest of it doesn’t phase me

Loving: my new exploratory ways, I’ve been doing a lot of touristy things in my province these last few months and it has been fun! There is so much to see and do

Hoping: for a chilled weekend, I need some rest

Marvelling: at everything that is going on in the world – we are in the middle of a really chaotic time

Needing: to go shopping for new clothes

Smelling: a whole lot of essential oils and incense – I have been using my oil burner and burning incense a lot, my favourite scent is lavender *yum*

Wearing: short sleeved shirts and sandals in June! I am loving this weather

Noticing: the days are getting shorter and shorter! the fact that the sun is setting before 17:30 is a bummer

Knowing: that everything is going to be alright

Thinking: about where I should get my hair done this weekend

Bookmarking: a lot of Buddhist talks on Youtube. I have been enjoying learning about the religion/way of life

Opening: my gratitude journal to write in it as many times as I can

Feeling: sluggish – it’s nearly 3pm and the afternoon slump has me hard

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    Mine will be up at the end of June; I really love this.

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