Mid-week experiment with twists

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There’s something I want to share about myself: I love experimenting, it is a part of my DNA. Whenever an idea pops into my head, I am inclined to try it, no matter what. And my hair gets a fair share of experiments tried out on it.

So earlier this week while I was doing my night hair care stuff (scalp massage, moisturising and sealing), I thought to myself why not try some twists for a bit of curliness (y’all know I love me some curls). So I sectioned off my hair and moisturised using AfroBotanics Conditioning Moisturiser and procedded to twist each section, mind you, this was my first time ever trying this.

I ended up with 12 twists, I decided to cut off some of the ends from the twists that were tapering off instead of being blunt. I ended up cutting between 2 and 5cm in some of the twists, but it was really thin hair, so it wasn’t that much quantity wise.

I remembered seeing people doing twists on YouTube and then curling the ends with perm rods, so I also did that on mine.

wpid-fotor_143348750321413.jpgAnd off I went to sleep.

I knew that the twist out wasn’t going to be defined because my hair was not damp when I did it, however I was pleased with the results given that it was my first time doing this. I decided to rock a curly ponytail instead of having my hair out. I wanted to to a poof, but I didn’t have the tools.

I loved my curly ponytail. I am defintely going to try a twist out again – the proper way this time and definitely use some holding product.

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