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Hi everyone! Boy have I missed writing blogposts – it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last one *hangs head in shame*. I have been protective styling using a weave for the past *nearly* 6 weeks – during this time, I have had 2 weave wash days – I typically do a wash day every 2 weeks if I am protective styling. You can check out my weave wash day on this post – the second one I did was pretty much the same as the first.

I was not very disciplined when it came to moisturising regularly and doing my scalp massages *hangs head in shame*. I would be very dilligent one week and spectacularly fall off the wagon the next. I am planning a complete TLC filled wash day after I take off the weave.

I enjoyed having my hair hidden, the only thing I would change is having a leave-out. I found this hair so hard to maintain seeing as I am almost 11 weeks post. I had to blowdry it and flat iron it so that it could blend with the super straight weave. I did definitely lose some length in this section from constant manipulation. I think next time I have to really consider getting a closure. I worry about closures though because I think it will be difficult to access the hair directly underneath the closure for moisturising and washing…or am I missing something?

One thing I noticed with this weave is that the plaits that had the hair sewn on in the same direction tended to sag after a while, I think this put some weight on my new growth. Whereas the plaits that had the hair sewn on perpendicular to the direction stayed put, however it was a bit harder to access the hair. However, I think the perpendicular configuration worked well overall for the health of my hair.

And on those days when I was just too lazy to make sure that my leave out was perfectly combed and blended, I wore head scarves and hats 🙂 – they are a lazy girl’s dream!


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  1. It is quiet hard to access the closure, when I Moisturize I put the spray directly on the weave and I tell my self its moisturised.

  2. kangopie

    Wouldn’t the closure be made of lace meaning if u spray through you will get moisture to your scalp … I also haven’t ever used one.

    1. Lungi

      That’s a good point Kangopie

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