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Earlier this week while I was doing my random wish lists for all the extravagant things I want in life – I decided to add a hair steamer on my list. Reason is at that moment my hair was feeling dry after my previous wash day, and generally when I am deep into my stretch, I find it hard to keep my new growth moisturised a few days after wash day. I had read about steamers and how they are the best at infusing moisture into one’s hair.

I headed off to my best friend – the internet to search for steamers. As far as I know hair steamers are generally expensive and aren’t readily available off the shelf in SA. One thing led to another which led to another, and I found myself thinking…can’t I use a clothes steamer for my hair? That set off multiple light bulbs in my head – and true to my experimental nature, I had found a cheap-ish steamer online which was perfect for my experiment.

Clothes steamers are pretty inexpensive (~R250), I also thought that if it doesn’t work I can always use a clothes steamer in my life anyway. So it was a win-win either way.

I immediately placed an order online for the steamer. It was delivered 2 days after I place the order – however this is after I saw that the steamer had gone on sale for R40 less 24 hours after I placed my order. I was not a happy camper!

Then I set off to my BFF again to find out if other people had success with this method. I found a few healthy hair bloggers who had tried it successfully and they had tons of tips, so I was ready and hella excited, the weekend couldn’t have come sooner.

So why steam my hair? The steam lifts up the hair cuticles for deeper penetration of the water – it’s even better when used while deep conditioning because it allows the product to really get in the hair…and this is what we want in life.

I bought the Sunbeam 700W garment steamer.

Using a clothes steamer to steam and add moisture to your relaxed or natural hair

It has a 350ml capacity and promises to deliver 15 minutes of continuous steam when filled to capacity. I tried it out just to get the feel of the steam – it does have a bit of pressure on it which is great and the steam was quite hot *obviously* so I will have to work out the right distance to place it from my hair. It was actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be, this is great because I will be holding it up for sometime, so it won’t get too heavy.

I will be trying it out on my next wash day. I will be posting the results early on next week. aaahhhhh – I am so excited! What do you guys think? Will this work? *cues Law & Order Dun Dun sound* 😀

UPDATE: Check out this video on how I use the clothes steamer on my hair

April 2019 update I’m still an advocate of this steaming method however I don’t do it regularly anymore because I’m a mom to a toddler and I have very little time for my hair now, lol!

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  1. Lydz

    Necessity is the mother of invention! I love this idea!

    1. Lungi

      Definitely Lydz – I am so excited about it too

  2. Emprezz Abena

    That’s something worth looking into since hair steamers are quite expensive

    1. Lungi

      They are hey, I got this for 5 times less than a conventional hair steamer

  3. kangopie

    ooh quite interesting. i have also been looking for a steamer and this sounds promising. Just be careful with steam, it can get pretty hot. gonna check out your next wash day post for sure!!

    1. Lungi

      Thanks for the heads up Kangopie

  4. Becca

    looking forward to your review on this steamer! I think a normal hair steamer is just a bigger version of this one, so it should work if you are able to get the steam circulating all over your hair.

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Becca, the review is coming up soon

  5. Shamilla

    This was sooooo helpful thannnnnnkkkk yoooouuu so much!

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