Advice from healthy hair bloggers on starting your healthy hair journey

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Advice on starting your healthy hair journeyStarting off your healthy hair journey can be so confusing, at least it was for me. I could have definitely used some advice from other people on their journey as well. I was recently wondering about the questions I had when I was new on this healthy hair journey and the type of advice I would have wanted to receive when I first started. I know there are many blogs out there that document this – and shoutout to the ever growing numbers of new African healthy hair bloggers, I am so for this boom in numbers – however, you have to search to find specific advice.

So this is for all who are starting out, or those who have been in this for a while (like myself). I collated the type of questions that I had and asked a few African bloggers for their opinions. This features Becca from Ready, Steady, Grow it; Kangopie from; Lebo from Journey2beauthair and Uzoma from Don’t Touch the Hair.

Here are their responses, I also add it my 2 cents.

Advice for newbies on the healthy hair journey


I did not know where to start with my journey – what is the issue that I address first? I did Google a lot and there was tons of information, and too much of a good thing can be bad. I am still over manipulating my hair too much using combs if my hair is out, that is why I try to have protective styling most of the time to prevent daily manipulation.

Advice from healthy hair bloggers on starting your HHJ


I really like the advice of starting simple – when there is so much information around you tend to want to do everything at once, and this may do more harm to your hair than good. I would also add on being consistent with your regimen – you are not likely to see results if you are haphazard about it, the healthy hair journey needs a healthy dose of commitment.

If you’re new to this, find people around you on the same journey, read blogs. I think one thing I missed when I was starting out is I was too shy to ask questions from other bloggers. Most bloggers are pretty open and willing to help. Use all types of social media to interact with other people on their healthy hair journey, not everyone has a blog. All hair is different, however try to read up more on people who have the same hair as you – you are more likely to get more helpful ideas like that.

I hope this helps someone out there who is starting out and is confused. Thank you to all the bloggers who were part of this post.


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  1. Becca

    Aww thanx Lungi for the feature. Going back to basics is something that everyone should do during their hair journey. Sometimes we forget or lose focus along the way. Keeping it simple by going back to basics, helps.

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Becca.
      I definitely agree – simple is always best

  2. Spesh

    This is very helpful for beginners.
    Kudos to the healthy hair blogger, and you too for sharing

  3. Modupe

    Very informative post,well done and thanks for sharing.

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by Modupe

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