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So I have been staying away from my favourite hair products shop for a while now. I just did not want the temptation to buy anything, because honestly at the moment I do not need any products in my life. I had to go on Saturday because I had to buy hair products for someone else, I was low key happy about shopping for someone else because it satisfies my craving but it doesn’t add to my current stash. It’s a win win!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know about these already. The shop had 2 new products ranges which I haven’t seen in South Africa before and an addition to another product range. I nearly lost my mind with happiness when I laid my eyes on the products, am I the only one who gets this excited about hair stuff?


First up was the Aunt Jackie’s kiddies range. They have shampoo, deep conditioners, leave in conditioner and a braid spray/oil. These products smell like food, I legit wanted to lick them when I was smelling them. Another plus is that they are reasonably priced.



Second up was the Soft & Beautiful Botanicals. I’ve never seen this product range anywhere before. The had almost everything ramging from relaxers,  oils, deep conditioners and more. They also had a great smell, especially the deep conditioners – I couldn’t resist buying 2 sachets *blush*. The pricing is mid range – with the full tub deep conditioner going for R65. They have awesome ingredients as well which is a plus.



The mother load was definitely the ElastaQP products. It looked like the whole range was there from relaxers, shampoos, moisturisers and more. I only checked the prices when I was carefully looking at the pictures at home and they are not cheap! However, I love the fact that I will be getting them off the shelf within 5km from my house. I am definitely going back for that leave – in conditioner and possibly the moisturising conditioner.


imageI also spotted these crochet braid twists which I have been looking for for a while now, I wanted to buy them online from overseas, but then the Rand exchange rate wouldn’t let me be great. Kangopie uses these a lot and even has a blogpost explaining the process of installaing them here and here . They’re such a great alternative to normal single braids.

I wonder who the buyer at this shop is with regards to hair products because they keep getting it right! I’m contemplating getting in contact with them and asking them to bring in some specific product ranges, I will keep you guys posted. If you’re in Durban you can pop in to Arrow Cash & Carry on Umgeni Road next to Durban Station and Cambridge Foods.

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  1. Lebo

    Oh WOW! okay I know I saw them on your Insta but I must be allowed to be excited lol! anyway I have feelings for the Soft and beautiful botanicals! thanks for the post Lungs

    1. Lungi

      lol! Excitement allowed. I will review the deep conditioner from Soft&Beautiful Botanicals once I have used it.

  2. Thoko Phillips

    Lungi, OMG, you’re such a God sent you know that!! I’d been searching for a place to buy perm rods for the past 3 weeks and people have just been referring to places that were either closed or that were difficult for me to get to. I’d even been searching where i could purchase them online (i’m an avid online buyer) and all places i was getting only sell to salons. I don’t know how but today by some miracle i managed to get to your blog via GOOGLE. Anyways I’m in Morningside so that Arrow cash and carry is down the road from me so i gotta get my behind there. do you know if they stock Aunty Jackie’s products for adults, i also need those and if i can get them cheaper than at Clicks, i’m a happy woman. BTW i do get as excited by hair products as you do, my boyfriend thinks i’m insane, hehehehehe.

    1. Lungi

      Hey Thoko, I can feel your excitement just by reading your comment :). Yeah, they do have the adults Aunt Jackie’s and so much more other stuff. Perm rods and flexi rods as well.
      Please let me know of your experience once you have been there, also try Jumbo Cash and Carry, it’s off Brickhill Road, they also have some good stuff.

  3. kangopie

    ok i’m coming to you your city! Elasta QP! I have only been waiting for this range for 3 years. seriously going to visit and scoop it! I’m going to tell my friends!

    You just made my whole day!

    so I haven’t been on IG seriously for a minute which is why I missed this Elasta QP update over the weekend. I think your next wash day post will be very VERY interesting.

    @Lebo … I haven’t heard of this botanicals range… is it that cool??? where are you hearing about these products… are you on a special google?

    Lungi I salute you on this post… sharing with my friends…

    1. Lungi

      Hey Kangopie, you definitely owe Durban a visit. I only restricted myself to one product this time around, I am planning for a major haul though once my stash has decreased a bit

  4. Emprezz Abena

    You’ve got some good store there. Even our malls don’t carry these products. Looking forward to your review.

  5. Thoko Phillips

    Hi Lungi, i’ll definitely share my experience with you hun. I’ll make time to go check out Jumbo as well. I can’t wait:-)

  6. Becca

    Nice that’s an indication that the hair movement is growing! I have heard good things about the Elasta QP leave-in conditioner (the one in the tub).

    1. Lungi

      Oh yes Becca, that’s the one I have my eye on as well.

  7. kangopie

    I was at your shop Lungi! Has a very big hair product section. My friend and I have been encouraged to go to the Jumbo in Joburg and see how that goes…

    1. Lungi

      aaaahhh! you were in durban? pity I wasn’t around. Can’t wait to read about your haul.

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