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The brush egg reviewThe most absolute thing that I am lazy to do is to clean my make up brushes – I can go a while without cleaning them *eeuuwww* – and I have no reason other than pure laziness. So thus in my quest to find a better solution for my problem, I started looking at different tools that help make the process a bit easier and bearable. This is how I came across the BrushEgg.
This is a nifty tool that makes cleaning brushes so much quicker and easier, it’s quite affordable as well.
Brush Egg 2The BrushEgg is designed to fit your index and middle fingers to keep it secure, and you use your other hand to hold the brush that is being cleaned.

Brush Egg 3On the flat side, it has two types of grooves for different size brushes I guess, I use the larger grooves for my face brushes and the smaller grooves for my eye brushes

I have used the BrushEgg a few time now – and it has been very easy to use and it leaves my brushes quite clean. It definitely does a better job than the technique I was using before which was just using my fingers.

To use, I wet the BrushEgg and pour a bit of shampoo on it, I then wet the brush and run it gently over the grooves. I do this until I think the brush is sufficiently clean. While rinsing the brush, I still run it over the BrushEgg until the water running off it is clear.

This is such a winner in my books, it has made the makeup brush cleaning process a bit easier, so that’s ticked off. Now I just need a cure for the laziness…anybody?

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  1. I just got a brush egg a few weeks ago and it makes washing my brushes really easy. I may have missed it but have you done a makeup post before? Your makeup generally looks nice. Also, did you get a new camera. Your pics look great.

    1. Lungi

      Hey Uzo, thank you. Nope, I haven’t done a make up post before, but it is in the cards soon. I am still using my phone for pictures, I hunt for good lighting 🙂

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