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I love doing these Taking Stock posts – it gives me time to sit and think where my life is at the moment and it is also a great way to share a bit of myself with you my lovely readers of my blog :). My timing is still a bit off, I think I will do one every 3 months at the start of every season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. So this is sort of my very late Spring one. Enjoy!

 Making : lots of plans for the upcoming summer season

Eating : way more junk food than I should be eating…I can’t seem to stop

Drinking : still drinking water, I am up to 2 litres a day now. yippeeee

Reading: still on The Goddess Bootcamp by Kagiso Msimango, I have finished reading other books though in the mean time

Looking: for the perfect tea set

Playing: so many summer bangers – I love this time of year, musicians suddenly get so creative

Wishing: I was done with this project I have been working on for the past nearly 4 years now! Lawdt!

Enjoying: my new meditation / quiet corner that I have made for myself at my place.

Waiting: for the rains to start

Liking: my new routine of waking up at 6am on weekdays – it was tough at the beginning, but I am liking the extra time I have in the morning

Wondering: what my life holds for me after 30

Loving: the florist at the shopping centre who always gives me extra flowers than what I paid for

Hoping: for someone to offer to clean 

Marvelling: at how fast the year has gone! yikes, it was January just a short moment ago

Needing: to buy a new foundation, my current one is running out. I’m still deciding whether to stick with it or try something new

Smelling: the lingering smell dinner from tonight – sausages and potato wedges, not exactly the ideal meal so close to summer

Wearing: a lot more skits and dresses lately! hello warm weather

Noticing: all the beautiful Jacaranda trees that are blooming – the roads I drive on are covered in pretty purple flowers

Thinking: of how I will feel the first time someone asks for my age after my birthday. I have been practicing saying: I’m thirty…it’s a bit of an obsession right now

Bookmarking: a whole lot of big chop/ TWA blog posts, tutorials etc. I am becoming obsessed

Opening: finally lipsticks that I bought in January that I hadn’t used till now! I sometimes have hoarder tendencies

Feeling: happy 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lebo

    hehehehehehehehe I am so waiting for your birthday I will ask for your age before I wish you a HBD… Counting down

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