My day trip to Evian, France; famous for its water…what else is there?

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Lake Geneva Lac Leman from Lausanne

Another travel #TBT. This is still from the time I was living in Switzerland. I used to use the weekends to explore the surrounding areas and town. This particular Saturday I chose to go to the town of Evian (yep, the one of the water).

This weekend I chose to go across the border into France and more specifically Evian. The town is known for its famous water, but what else is there to see – well I went to find out.
Lac Leman Lake Geneva

I went on a ferry from Ouchy in Lausanne to Evian, which is across Lake Geneva. The whole ride is just over 30 minutes,  the weather was lovely (well better than it had been all week).

Some pictures from the lake crossing, I was so happy that the sun was out. That is the one thing I have been loving here, everyone tells me that the weather is meant to be crappy this time of year, and it usually is during the week, but come Saturday, the sun is out and ready to play. Although it’s still cold, it was about 9 degrees C on Saturday, but a little sun makes it all better!

Evian France

Honestly, there is not much to say about Evian, except that it is really small. I walked around the main town street and I realised that most shops were closed between 12 and 3pm so it was very quiet. I figured that the town is bustling in summer and I just went at the wrong time.

Risotto in Evian, Cosy restaurant

My highlight was lunch at this cosy restaurant where I had a chicken risotto (I had seriously been craving risotto for the longest time), I also had a chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). My meal was yummy and cheap, so it sort of made up for the uneventful Evian trip.


One thing that I did try to do was to go to the Evian water bottling place, and that was also closed 🙁 – things were just not going my way on Saturday. But I did carry an empty water bottle so I could fill it up at a fountain in town – apparently this water is straight from the Alps and is the freshest and purest ever, and I have to agree it did taste very good 🙂

To be fair, I didn’t do much research before I went to Evian so I was kind of at a loss about what to do in the town. And note to self: France is a different country, so change money before crossing over, Swiss Francs will not be accepted (such a blonde moment).


I had planned to stay around till the evening, but the lack of things to do and a sudden weather change had me on the 16:15 boat back to Swirtzerland – but not before I could get a selfie with snowcapped mountains in the background! Don’t frown at my shades, it was sunny earlier and I was carrying a small bag – so the only place they could go was on top of my head.

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