Tips to creating a peaceful meditation space…and a peek into my sanctuary

So from earlier this year I have been attending weekly meditation classes hosted at a Buddhist centre close to my house. I enjoyed the teachings and the practice of meditation that I undertook to have a meditation session every day. I have been doing these meditations in various areas of my house: on the bed, couch etc. Eventually, I figured that this is not working out for me and I needed to make myself a dedicated meditation/quiet corner where I can do my readings, meditations and have some away time.

I have a small room in my flat which I hadn’t been using constructively, it was mostly for laundry and other bits and ends. So I sectioned off a portion of that room for my meditation corner. It took me a weekend to buy everything that I required for my room – the conceptualisation of the set up took me a few days. I did a lot of research on the internet and I also thought about the items that I love and that help me relax.

So here is the final product:
Creating a meditation corner and quiet space in your houseSo this is a bird’s eye view of my little corner – you can’t see it here but there are 2 windows on either wall so I have plenty of light and I can see the trees, sky and sun. On the floor is a throw that I already had – I was planning on buying a new rug, but I discovered the throw in the depths of my closet and decided to use that instead. On the left I have 2 grey seat cushions from Mr Price Home and over sized cushions from Sheet Street.

Creating a meditation corner and quiet space in your house

On the right is where I keep all my ‘things’, firstly the 2 cushions; one says: a dream is where it all begins, the second one simply says: follow your heart. I bought a wooden storage crate from Mr Price Home which I turned on its side and converted it into a shelf for more visible storage. I store my books, incense, essential oils and my journals. The current inspirational books in my arsenal are:

  • The little book of mindfulness  – Tiddy Rowan
  • How to solve our human problems – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
  • The Magic – Rhonda Byrne
  • The Goddess Bootcamp – Kagiso Msimango

Creating a meditation corner and quiet space in your house

On the top of the crate, I have photo frames with some of my favourite inspirational quotes, a cute vase for flowers, an 15 minute hour glass, incense holder and my oil burner. Depending on my mood I either light some incense or my oil burner. The incense I bought at Mangwanani Spa and I also have some that I bought in India. In my oil burner, I burn geranium or lavender oil.

I spend some time in the morning in my sanctuary to prepare myself for the day and get my mind right. In the evening after work, I spend some time coming out of my ‘work mode’ and getting into home mode. I also take the most delicious Sunday naps when I have a bit of spare time. I have made the time I spend in there a zero technology time, so I switch off my phone and any other form of communication – it feels so good to be away from everything, even if it’s just for 45 minutes per day.

Some of my tips to creating a space for yourself

  • Cushions are your best friend
  • Make the space yours
  • Choose items that make you happy
  • Section the space off from the rest of the room – it doesn’t have to be fancy, I used a deck chair
  • Comfort is key
  • Choose a space with lots of light
  • There are no rules :p

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  1. lebo

    It is so beautiful Lungs… first thing that came to my mind was… ” I would have the nap of my life in there”

  2. kangopie

    this is really fascinating. What time do you have to wake up now that you meditate in the morning? i.e. did you have to sacrifice sleep for meditation.

    and do you split your 45min into the morning and evening sessions?

    I love the little space idea. I wonder if I can do anything like it… I would want one of those bed couch things…

    hmm *heads off to MR Price Home website*

    1. Lungi

      lol Kangopie! I also looove my sleep. I spend about 15 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. Mr Price Home has great stuff for this type of set up

  3. kangopie

    i really want one of those day bed couch contraptions now *sigh*

    1. Lungi

      Giiiiirrrlll, I feel you. They have some great ones at Coricraft

  4. Vuyelwa

    I love this! Really inspired Lungi… I don’t have any secluded corners where I’m currently staying but it’s really got me thinking how I can turn my bedroom into a lil’ sanctuary. Really loved this…

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Vuyelwa.
      That’s a good idea, look for a little bit of space in your room, it doesn’t need to be much

  5. Noluthando Mabija

    Wow, I as searching for a meditation “ideal room” and I saw this. I like it indeed, perfect for my ideal one. Thanks Lungi for sharing.

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Noluthando

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