Hair products haul – November 2015

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Hair products haulI have finished quite a lot of hair products in the last few months, check out my last empties post – and I have another one coming up before the end of the year! With product empties comes product hauls, it’s just a part of this hair journey life. I am still trying to figure out which one of the 2 makes me more excited. I haven’t done haul posts in a minute, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been buying products, I have, but I have been doing it in drips and drabs. So now in the last month I have bought enough products to warrant a haul post. So excited! Here goes…
Hair products haulDudo Osun Black Soap – I have seen this product everywhere on the blogs, I finally managed to get my hands on it when I was in Malawi. I have been reading a lot about how to use it best – I cannot wait to try it out. I plan to use it once I am fully natural. I bought it for 3500 Malawian Kwacha (I think).

AfroBotanics Repairing and Strengthening Treatment – This is a repurchase, it’s a staple in my stash. I have used it for protein wash days, find the posts about it here and here. Side note: last week Pearl Thusi along with Afrobotanics launched a new hair care line, which will be sold at Game from the 25th of November. I am so keen on checking it out – I’m also very happy that Afrobotanics will be available in stores now. I hope they will ship some to Durban *fingers crossed*.

Easy Waves Smooth and Shiny Edge Tamer – I was looking for a gel/edge tamer that I can use every other day to lay my edges and also I want to try it out on my perm rod sets to make them last longer (this was a suggestion made by Thoko, a reader of the blog). I asked my naturalista friend Nomonde to recommend a product for me and she recommended this one which she also uses. I’ve used it twice and I have no complaints. I bought it for R37 at Dischem.

SOiL Kenyan Shea Butter – I didn’t mean to buy this, I had to purchase some medicine from an online store and I wanted to qualify for free shipping so I added this product into my cart. It’s 100% pure, organic what what shea butter. I love the stuff from this company, they sell carrier oils and essential oils amongst other things. When I checked the back side of the container, I saw that they are based in the very small town of Melmoth which is close to my hometown :). I bought it for R99 from Wellness Warehouse online shop.

ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-In Conditioner – I wrote about how I found ElastaQP products at a shop here in Durban. I didn’t buy anything the first time I went there but the pull was too strong, I had to go back and buy some stuff. I picked up this leave-in because my other leave-ins are running out. I can’t wait to start using it, I’ve read a lot of good reviews. It smells soooo heavenly good gosh! That mango scent is everything. I bought it for R97 at Arrow Cash & Carry

Which product do you keep on repurchasing?

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  1. Emprezz Abena

    I have aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor to restock and I’ll be ok.

    1. Lungi

      That’s a good product. I wish it was readily available this side and cheaper.

  2. I love Dudu Osun. It’s really easy to find here. I use it for my skin primarily. I’ve tried it on my hair before but it didn’t turn out so well. From what I read, higher porosity hair doesn’t react well to soaps.

    1. Lungi

      Thanks for the head up Uzo. I’ve seen mixed reviews on it for hair. I will try mixing it with other ingredients.

  3. Lebo

    *Clears Throat* Uhm when I visit you I am gunning for your stash….

    1. Lungi

      lol! I wanna get my grubby paws on your stash. I’ve been looking for the Treemendus products at Dischem, I haven’t found them yet.

  4. kangopie

    So its official then; you are going natural…lol
    It just seems more real to me now that you have purchased the soap…
    I actually have heard only good things about black soap 4 the face. Interested to see how it goes when you use it.

    send me a message and I will tell you where to get cheap shea butter (refined or unrefined)

    I honestly didn’t know you were interested in shea butter. Yes, I am an enabler … don’t come to me when you want to stop buying products.

    Please tell me more about this gel… does it make your hair hard and “crunchy”? I would love to have a gel that will help me keep my curls in 4 longer.

    Oh and can you do a post on how you use this gel when you do your perm rods?

    1. Lungi

      Hey Kangopie, the gel has worked well on my edges, no crunchiness so far. I will have a post up next week about the perm rods using the gel.

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