Hair Product Empties – November 2015

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Hey good people, I am back with a hair products empties post for November, I must say that I am on an empties roll and I love it! My last empties post was in September  and 2 months later I am back with another one, I am making some good progress. This empties post is definitely conditioner heavy – I am finally making a dent in my instant conditioner stash which is what I wanted to do, I have waaaay too many of them. I am hoping that after I big chop I will do more co-washes which will help to decrease my stash. Enough chit chat, let’s get into it.

Watson’s Instant Conditioners – I bought 3 of these conditioners when I was in Bangkok, I have since used up 2. I use them as instant conditioners after my shampoo step. They were OK, I can’t really say much except that they did what they were meant to do and delivered slip and some softness to my hair. I will not be repurchasing because of my earlier mentioned full to the brim instant conditioner stash.

Carebeau Beer and Egg Yolk Hair Treatment Wax – I used this as a protein conditioner, it was really neither here nor there, it was aight. I found that it did work well though when I steamed my hair after applying the product. I will not be repurchasing it because it wasn’t really that great of a product and it’s not readily available in South Africa.

Motions CPR Triple Action Leave-In Conditioner – another leave-in conditioner which I also used for my moisturising spritzes. Really nothing to write home about, I have had for over 2 years…it just wouldn’t finish and I couldn’t bring myself to throwing it away. I am so glad that it is finally out of my life! I will not be repurchasing.

Beautiful Textures Tangle Taming Leave In Conditioner – I have had this for the loooongest time, over 2 years now. I used it as a leave-in and also added it to my DIY moisturising spritz which I use when my hair is in braids. It had a lovely fruity smell and was light in consistency. It worked well to detangle my hair and add some moisture. I will not be repurchasing it because it’s not readily available in South Africa.

Castor Oil – One of my staple oils! I use it in my oil mixes for scalp massages and also add to my deep conditioners for that extra kick! Love, love , love it. However, I will not be repurchasing this particular brand as I have moved over to using JBCO.

It feels so awesome to have gotten rid of some products. I am even more super happy that I do not plan to repurchase any of these. Hopefully I can go on and finish more products so I can have another empties post soon!

Which products have you finished lately?

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  1. Lebo

    Your stash is well on its way fellow product Junkie!!! you are doing a very good job at depleting it!

  2. Joie

    JBCO is definitely one of my favorite oils too. My edges always thank me for it.

    1. Lungi

      I love how it makes my new growth so soft! It’s the best

  3. Candice

    Thats a big dent, I need product junkie rehab lol

    1. Lungi

      lol! I might need to check in there with you

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