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I have mentioned in the empties and haul posts that my hair product stash is filled to the brim with instant conditioner and I am running low on deep conditioners. However, I am not ready to commit yet on my staple deep conditioners for this natural journey that I have now embarked on. Enter…..sachets! I am a fan of sachets because they give me a chance to trial a product out without the commitment of buying the full size product. They are such a win-win item.

I went on a sachet buying spree lately, I was looking for the deep conditioners that I in the market for which are moisturising and balanced/light protein deep conditioners. I already have my staple protein conditioner which is the Afrobotanics Repairing & Strengthening Treatment. I love balanced/light protein conditioners because they help to give my hair moisture and protein at the same damn time!

So I scoured the aisles of my favourite hair shop and at the nearby Clicks and bought all the sachets that were available and that fit into my categories. This is what I found.

Moisturising deep conditioners
Moisturising deep conditioners for natural hair

I have been using the Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Replenishing Hair Mask for a few wash days, and I can definitely say that it is going on my list of staples – my hair loves it. As with the Soft & Beautiful Botanicals one, I am still on the fence though with this one, I wasn’t wowed when I first used it, I will give it a second shot. I have never used any conditioners from Dr Miracle’s before, I am keen on trying this one out, I nearly didn’t buy it because it has mineral oil and petrolatum very high up in the ingredient list. I am excited for the Hask one, the words ‘Nourishing Deep Conditioner’ are what sold it to me.

Balanced/light protein deep conditioners
Balanced deep conditioners for natural hair
With the light protein conditioners, I have used both the ORS ones, the Replenishing Pak works so well with heat, I found that with no heat it was just bleh on my hair. I can’t remember what I felt about the Nourishing Conditioner the one time I used it, all I remember is that it had a very strong banana smell which put me off. I love these types of conditioners because they give you all that your hair needs in one swoop – saving you time. Saving you money. Putting you first (that ad just popped into my mind).

Price wise, it ranged from R10 to R50, but on average you will pay around R22 for a sachet of conditioner. Depending on the length of your hair, you might need 2 packs. So in some cases they aren’t the most cost effective option. Hopefully by the end of this trial period I would have picked my favourites to remain in my stash.

how do you test out new conditioners?

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  1. Lebogang

    My personal favourite is the replenish pak by ORS it has never let me down. During my relaxer days I used to use the Dr Miracle DC’s, which I want to try again.

    Don’t forget to review the Palmer’s Protein pak, I am dying to know how it treats hair.

    1. Lungi

      I will have a review up for that one Lebogang. How was the Dr Miracle’s DC for you?

  2. Lebo

    where do you buy the soft and beautiful one? I have never seen it before… all products should consider having Sachets hey they help with cost saving.

    1. Lungi

      I got it at the hair shop here in Durban.
      Sachets are life, especially when you’re traveling and still need to get your hair done

  3. I heard this tip from The Kink and I. You can apply the new conditioner on one half of your hair while you use a conditioner that you’re familiar with on the other half. You can compare both conditioners under the same conditions.

    1. Lydz

      That is a very good tip:) will keep that in mind next time I am testing out new conditioners

    2. Lungi

      That’s a great tip! I love it

  4. Bonolo

    The ORS DC’s always win for me. I like the idea of experimenting via the sachet life, I’m jumping on this bandwagon!

    1. Lungi

      Whoop whoop! I love them.

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