Taking Stock 004

It’s the summer version of my Taking Stock posts. I love summer, it is everything! I heard a radio DJ saying that in South Africa, December is not a month, it is a lifestyle. I totally agree, there is something in the air in December. Let’s see what the past 3 months have been like for me.

Making I have just finished making my first wig *eek* it’s a bit too hot to wear it now though

Cooking Eating a whole less carbs and sugar and more healthy fats and vegetables, I’m trying out the Banting lifestyle. My waistline has been moving in the wrong direction the past few months

Drinking still on that water tip, all day everyday – I love how it has become a lifestyle

Reading I have just finished reading Sweet Medicine by Panashe Chigumadzi – I loved it. I am so here for black, African women writers

Looking for the perfect matte eye shadow palette, why is everything so shimmery, frosty and metallic? Any suggestions?

Playing all of Beyonce’s music today, she has awesome songs!

Wasting Not Wasting water, we are in the middle of a drought – make sure you do your bit!

Wishing I could plait or at least do a flat twist *sigh* I’m practising though

Enjoying my hair at the moment – I love my new short ‘do

Waiting for orders from Ali Express – the items I order there take such a long time to be delivered! Living on the tip of Africa has its disadvantanges at times

Liking reading South African magazines again. I now buy Destiny magazine and Essays of Africa every month

Wondering why I hated taking naps as children, however as an adult – napping is the best thing ever! I don’t feel I get enough of them

Loving my new trial LCHF (low carb high fat) lifestyle a the moment – will see how it goes

Hoping that everyone has a great festive season with friends and family

Marvelling at all the birthday love that I received – it’s always so awesome to know that there are people in my life who are there to help me celebrate the big milestones in my life <3

Needing some me time, the past few weeks have been super busy and crazy

Smelling the candles from Yankee Candles that I bought recently, they smell so good. I bought Pink Sands and Turquoise Sky

Wearing a lot more dresses, summer is here!

Noticing that I have so many items on my to-do list that I can now execute, including some changes to the blog.

Knowing the the new year holds so much more for me – I am so excited for it

Thinking of ways to entertain 2 teenagers (my niece and nephew) who will be visiting me for a few days this week

Bookmarking The Snatched Show – it’s a Youtube show hosted by young Africans Koodzi and Lindi. This show is giving me life, I laugh out loud when I watch it! Do yourself a favour and check it out.

Feeling happy that I have finally finished a project that I have been working on for so long. I’m taking a little bit of a break and then taking on another one.

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    1. Lungi

      Thanks Uzo. I also enjoy writing them.

      Banting is another name for the Low Carb High Fat eating plan/diet/lifestyle. It’s the name of the guy who originally came up with it.

  1. Niso

    Enjoyed this post. I also find that this is the perfect time of year to take stock. What have I achieved like, what could I have done differently & what am I going to do about it etc.. me time is a must & the only time you can have a serious one on one with yourself.

  2. Bonolo

    Ooh lovely post. How’s the banting going? That’s a meaningful bandwagon I need to get on…

    ke dezemba boss!

    1. Lungi

      It’s been going OK – I’ve cheated a few times, it’s doable though

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