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Hey guys, as part of my beauty section of this blog I want to share my latest buys. I have slowed down in the quantities of beauty products that I buy, frankly because I am running out of space on my vanity and in my wardrobe. I always wonder where do the beauty bloggers who seemingly buy new products every week keep their stuff. In the last few months I have bought some replacement products and some additions to my collection. They range from body products, lipsticks and foundations. Let’s see what I have spent my money on.

Essence Merry Berry Collectionessence merry berry swatchesI am not usually a collection girl, but I was eagerly waiting for this one. I bought all the lipsticks in the collection (L to R: Let the berry-tales begin, pink and perfect, red rocks) the eye shadow (the masked ball) and the accompanying nail polish. I’ve used the pink and red lipsticks – I found that they have good pigmentation, especially the red one but they don’t last too long. The eye shadow I found too light on my skin to be used on its own. Essence Merry Berry Collection

The BodyShop Frosted Plum Gift Set
I bought this for the apple container, I think it’s so cute – I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with it yet. The gift tin contains travel sized body scrub, body butter, shimmer lotion and the shower gel all in the Frosted Plum scent. I am falling in love with travel sized items – they are so convenient for weekend trips and they don’t add too much weight to your luggage.

Estee Lauder Foundation and Powder
My beloved foundation ran out, the Lancome one featured on this post. I decided not to repurchase and give other foundations a chance. I have been using samples of the Estee Lauder Double Wear in the past and I finally decided to get the full size version and the powder to complement. I can’t say anything bad about these babies, I love the finish and the coverage. I am in the shade Amber Honey.Estee Lauder Amber honey South AfricaWet n Wild Lipstick, Essence Lash Mania Waterproof Mascara and My
I own quite a number of these Wet n Wild lipsticks, I love love love them. I saw this one at the shop and realised that I did not have a matte red lipstick in my collection. I generally do not gravitate towards red lipsticks for everyday wear – I prefer pinks, purples and nudes. I haven’t used this one yet.
My last mascara gave me a mini eye infection (that’s when I usually know that it’s time to throw it out). I replaced like for like but the waterproof version which I like a bit more because it dries quicker.
This brow pencil is cool because it’s not creamy – I can’t handle creamy and soft brow pencils, they just don’t work for me. It also has a brow powder on the reverse side to those final touches. 

There you have it, my haul was not that big. I will continue to do such posts on a regular basis when I buy enough products to warrant a post.

Which products have you bought lately?

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  1. Katleho

    Hi Lungi… 🙂
    New to your blog, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the posts!
    I recently purchased the MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation! its a repurchase I’m such a fan!
    Tell me, isn’t the Double Wear Foundation a little drying on your skin? I tried it, but found it so dry!! 🙁

    Please do check out my blog! I’m a Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger too! From JHB
    http://www.gentleorchid.com <3

    1. Lungi

      Thanks for reading Katleho 🙂
      I have oily skin so the double wear is perfect for me. I’ve been over at your blog. I am enjoying it too.

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