The results are in, I have found my staple deep conditioners for my natural hair

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The trial is over, the results are in and the winners are…. Ok, ok, let me back track before making the big announcemnent.

7 weeks ago, I started my testing of deep conditioners which I though would work on my hair. This was ultimately for pinning down my staple deep conditioners. This is one of my 2016 hair goals: to pin down my staple products. I have tried both moisturising and protein/moisture balanced deep conditioners. Most of the conditioners I had used before while my hair was still relaxed, I needed to see the response of the conditioner to my natural hair.

Moisturising deep conditioners for natural hair

In this category, I really loved using the Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Rejuvenating Ritual Replenishing Hair Mask – this conditioner was awesome on my transitioning hair and it left my natural hair soft and yummy. Another favourite was the Hask Coconut Monoi Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner, however I found out that this does not have a full-sized version whomp whomp. Buying the sachet is too expensive especially just for one wash – it costs R50.

Balanced deep conditioners for natural hair

In this catergory only the ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Pak made the cut.

These 2 conditioners join my protein conditioner AfroBotanics Repairing & Strengthening Treatment along with Dabur Vatika Hot Oil Intensive Nourishment Treatment as my deep conditioners of choice.

I think I will be able to handle 4 conditioners and will rotate them accordingly. I just hope that they product junkie bug doesn’t bite me anytime soon.

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  1. Lebo

    With enough will, that bug does get suppressed… well done on your choices babe love them

    1. Lungi

      Thanks Lebo, I will try my hardest to be get bitten by that PJ bug

  2. Nosihle

    Love your choice, will definitely try them out, I have been using the same deep conditioner for about a year ORS Olive Oil Replenishing pack.I have managed to try the ORS Hairepair conditioner for me falls under the moisturising category.

    1. Lungi

      How has the ORS Hairepair been treating you? I found it a bit too thin for my liking.

  3. I absolutely love the your balanced conditioners, they are my staples as well. I haven’t tried the dark and lovely cons since they rebranded, I’ll definitely give them a try. Great post.

    1. Lungi

      Hi Yvonne, I didn’t think I’d like the DL conditioner as much as I did. You should definitely try it out. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. Becca

    That was quick! You must be relieved to have found staple products… The D&L conditioner is very tempting, I have not used their products in ages, I think I will give this one a try! I love ORS Replenishing Conditioner too, very balanced conditioner.

    1. Lungi

      Me and my pocket are relieved 🙂 I’ll look out on your blog for the D&L review.

  5. Tshego

    Hi, you are the first blogger I have come across that has mentioned Afrobotanics, I am pleased, did you do a review on it?

    1. Lungi

      Hey Tshego – please search for Afrobotanics on the blog. All the posts where I wrote about it will show up.

  6. brigitte kotzee

    thanx a million i just stumbled across this and it is so insightful , i defs also like the dark and lovely but will try out the coconut and monoi ( been wanting to for ages)

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Brigitte 🙂

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