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I have the wonkiest brows known to man! They are each perfect in their own way but I can never find a way to get them to look the same. They are like feuding sisters! It takes me a long time in the morning to try to get them to be similar – it’s a nightmare. I once had a great eyebrow lady years ago, she always made sure my brows were on point. Unfortunately, I moved out of town and thus ended out affair. Since then I have been struggling to get my brows in shape. They are over plucked in some areas and they have different arch points *sigh*.

This past week I tried out some eyebrow stencils to make my brows into sisters that loved each other. I created a step by step pictorial of how I did it and the final look. The kit that I am using is from Eyelure, I bought it for R50 at Dischem.

Shaping eyebrows using an eyebrow stencil - Eyebrows BeforeHere is the dire state – I hadn’t done my brows in about 4 weeks

Shaping eyebrows using an eyebrow stencil - the different arches availableThe brow stencil kit came with 4 different brow shapes. I chose to use the slim arch because it’s the one that fitted my brows better.

Shaping eyebrows using an eyebrow stencil - Placing the stencil and filling in the browsI used a white eye pencil to draw out the placing of the brow stencil so that it will be on the same level for each brow – ( I saw later that it was a bit off). I was using a dark brown eyebrow powder to fill them in on the stencil.

Using eyebrow stencil to perfect your eyebrows

I placed the stencil on the marked area and filled it in. I used tweezers to get rid of all the hair outside the filled in part. I did also use a razor to get rid of the very fine hairs that the tweezers couldn’t pick up.

Shaping eyebrows using an eyebrow stencil - Final eyebrows lookEt voila! I was satisfied with the final look. My brows finally look decent.

Shaping eyebrows using an eyebrow stencil - Eyebrows AfterAnd this is how they look naturally without being filled in. I took this picture after the redness from the tweezing had subsided

I am loving the turn out, hey now! This will drastically reduce the time I spend in the morning trying to get my brows into shape. I am definitely going to use this method in the future.

Which method do you use to shape your brows?

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  1. Becca

    Wow! You must have a steady hand to have pulled it off so accurately! I threaded my eyebrows once, I always have this nightmare-thought that someone may remove all my eyebrows so I never went back to do it again…

    1. Lungi

      A steady hand is key to this whole operation. I once slipped with the razor and took out a piece of my brow :(. I also threaded a few times. It’s too painful

  2. emmy

    wow this is awsome am def trying this next time….. thanks for the post

    1. Lungi

      You’re welcome Emmy 🙂

  3. Lebo

    I want this! I am so done trying to do them myself…

  4. Sindy

    Hi where do i buy this stencils and for how much

    1. Lungi

      I got mine at Dischem, I can’t remember the price

  5. Zuki

    Woow!!! One of my colleagues just told me about eyebrow stenciling. I’ll be buying one this coming weekend.This are beautiful brows. Well done and thank you

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